HOWTO Close up the space

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So, it's been a long day of hacking and you're the last one in the space. It's finally time to go home. But wait! Aren't you forgetting something?


  1. Put your project away. Don't leave it on a workbench. Label it so others know it's yours. Name AND contact info!
  2. Put tools back in the places from which you got them.
  3. Sweep sawdust, wires, etc. from the floor.
  4. Are the trash can bags full? Throw 'em in the dumpster. New bags are in the white cabinet.
  5. Is it Wednesday night? Prep the recycling bin and put it out by the pole.
  6. If you did something the group should know about, make a post to the Google group!

West shop

  1. West shop fans (switch near men's bathroom)
  2. West / rear shop lights (breakers near water heater)
  3. Genie plugged in

Rear shop

  1. Windows closed and locked
  2. Air compressor electrically off
  3. Air compressor valve closed
  4. Machine-shop lights off
  5. Machine-shop radio off
  6. Thermostats (on wall by CNC) set back to Run (or 45 deg)
  7. Rooftop vent fans (switches near thermostats) off

Commons area

  1. Double-check tables are clear, retract cord-reels
  2. Stereo off (amplifiers in rack)
  3. Commons-area lights off (3 switches behind rack)

Welding area

  1. Argon tank regulator removed, lefty loosen, wrench is hanging above tanks
  2. CO2 tank regulator removed, as above

Small rooms

  1. Thermostat (wall by small lab) set back to Run (or 50 deg)
  2. Coffee pot (corner of kitchen) off, grounds basket empty, urn clean
  3. Front (glass) door closed and locked, just give it a yank
  4. Front hallway (fire exit!) clear, items on floor instantly to graveyard.
  5. Stinky garbage out before it gets stinkier

Door area

  1. Roll-up garage door latch fully engaged
  2. Fans off
  3. Twitterbot switch down, make sure light goes off (May take up to a full minute)
  4. Door-area light off
  5. Goodnight!

THANK YOU TREMENDOUSLY for your thoroughness!