HOWTO Close up the space

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So, it's been a long day of hacking and you're the last one in the space. It's finally time to go home. But wait! Aren't you forgetting something?


  1. Put your project away. Don't leave it on a workbench. Label it so others know it's yours. Name AND contact info!
  2. Put tools back in the places from which you got them, or more correctly the place where they belong.
  3. Sweep sawdust, wires, etc. from the floor.
  4. Are the trash can bags full? Throw 'em in the dumpster. New bags are in the black "Cleaning Supplies" cabinet.
  5. Is it Wednesday night? Prep the recycling bin and put it out by the pole.
  6. If you did something the group should know about, make a post to the Google group! Maybe even a blog entry!

West shop

  1. West shop fans (switch near men's bathroom)
  2. Make sure the deadbolt to B. Nektar is locked
  3. West / rear shop lights (breakers near water heater)
  4. Genie (aerial work platform) plugged in
  5. Bumble Bee/Wolverine exhaust fan switch located on West wall by the Bumble Bee
  6. Note: the light outside the men's room by B Nektar, the one between the Fab Lab and Compute Zone, and the one over the North West member storage area stay on for security / safety reasons.

Rear shop

  1. Windows closed and locked
  2. Air compressor electrically off (red button on left-hand control panel)
  3. Air compressor valve closed (blue handle on the pipe by the drill press, perpendicular to the pipe)
  4. Machine-shop lights off
  5. Machine-shop radio off
  6. Thermostats (on wall by tool crib) set back to Run (or 45 deg)
  7. Rooftop vent fans (switches near thermostats) off
  8. CNC light off (switch by CNC zone computer)

Commons area

  1. Double-check tables are clear, retract cord-reels
  2. Move Abandoned junk to trash [garbage] or lost and found table [stuff others left behind])
  3. Turn off commons-area lights (3 switches behind Vending Machine next to electrical panel)


  1. Keurig powered off, cup removed so it doesn't mold.
  2. Stinky garbage out before it gets stinkier

Small rooms

  1. Thermostat (wall by small lab) set back to Run
  2. Front (glass) door closed and locked, just give it a yank
  3. Front hallway (fire exit!) clear, items on floor instantly to graveyard.
  4. Check all of the Soldering Irons in the ELab to make sure they are turned off.
  5. Turn off class room light

Door area

  1. Welding zone lights off (orange switch plate between the windows)
  2. Roll-up garage door latch fully engaged (look for green lights on panel)
  3. Fans off
  4. Door-area light and power down Moneysucker with switch by "Push to Exit" button.
  5. Goodnight!

THANK YOU TREMENDOUSLY for your thoroughness!