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We never want anyone to feel that they aren't welcome at i3. Whether you're leaving town, or if you know you're going to be busy with life for a few months, or you just can't pay your dues reliably, we don't want to lose you as part of the community! If you've experienced a problem with another member that is making you feel unwelcome, please refer to HOWTO Be Excellent and the Harassment Policy and contact the Board if there's been a violation.

If you're planning to come back

  • Email the membership coordinator and ask to be put on 'leave' status. They'll enter this into the CRM, which suspends billing, and keeps your account from getting all horrible and confusing.

If you're not planning to come back

  • Email the membership coordinator and ask to cancel your membership. As above, being clear about when you've left reduces the fretting about whether you have.
  • This will result in more privileges being revoked than going on leave.
  • You are always welcome to renew your membership at any point in the future (it'll just be more paperwork)

In all cases

  • Go through member storage, make sure you've taken all your stuff home, and write "-VACANT-" where your name was.
  • Go through the rest of the space, and if you're taking anything home that people might miss, please notify the mailing list!
  • It would be polite to offer the option if people want to buy from you the things we've come to rely on, before they simply vanish.
  • Optional: Let the membership coordinator know what made you decide to leave. Don't worry, they can take it!