HOWTO Host an Event at i3detroit

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Be a member

If you are not a member of i3detroit yet, that's ok. We love to have non-members host events at our space. However, you will need to either become a member yourself, or enlist the help of a current member.

Check with the other members

Out of courtesy, you're advised to run your idea past at least a couple other members. Bring up your idea at a meeting or on the mailing list.

Schedule the event

Look on the google calendar: and pick an appropriate day. There's nothing wrong with have two events going simultaneously, but try to avoid conflicts.

Contact Nick, Nate1 or Ted if you need help to add your event to the Calendar. Be sure to specify:

  • Date and times, including duration
  • Any description you want included

Publicize your event

Be there

Remember, people that attend your event are your guests. You are responsible for having them sign a guest waiver and follow the rules.