HOWTO Process a new member

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For the new member:

Before orientation:

  1. Come to the space as a guest, several times if possible. Open Shop Friday is a good time, or post on -public (below) and arrange a visit.
  2. Sign yourself up for i3detroit-public.
  3. Make a note of the email address used in the above step. (Many of us have several addresses, but this is the one you'll be using to communicate with i3 as a whole.)
  4. If that doesn't appear to be working, try Google's "recover password" option.
  5. Add our calendar to your personal calendar.
  6. Review the new member welcome/signup form, found on the Forms page. (Don't bother printing it, just read it over.)
  7. Read through the Standing Rules, and at least skim the Bylaws. Every member must follow these.

New member orientations are done on the first and third Tuesday of the month, after the regular member meeting, roughly 8:00pm.

On the day of orientation:

  1. Please arrive early! 6:30 or 7 if you can, so you can participate in the meeting.
  2. Bring a laptop if you have one. (If not, a public terminal may be available to use.)
  3. Introduce yourself to lots of people! As a new member, meeting the existing members is important.

For the existing member orienting the newbie(s):

  1. Hand a copy of the welcome/quiz sheet (first 2 pages of the welcome packet) to each newbie.
  2. Pull HOWTO Close up the space off the wall and walk through it together.
    • Try to get their hands to do all the actions, flip all the switches, throw all the levers.
    • (It might seem silly but our track record proves that experiential learning WORKS.)
    • Point out zone-warden posters at various places while walking around.
  3. At the last step of the walkthrough, go over waivers and how to sign guests into the space.
  4. Hand a copy of the signup page to each newbie and let 'em find a pen.
  5. Once the signup page is filled out, find a mentor and sit 'em down with the noob.
    • Together, they should review the WELCOME page and the QUIZ, which are the first two pages of the signup form.
    • (If they have questions on the quiz, DON'T ANSWER DIRECTLY, rather, lead 'em to find the information on their own. Teach a man to fish, y'know?)
  6. See if the email on the signup page is already signed up for -public.
    • (If not, get 'em to do this, on their own laptop if possible. Lean on the mentor for help.)
  7. Add 'em to the other two groups: i3detroit and -announce
    • Make sure they accept the invitations and can see the groups when logged in.
  8. Get 'em started composing their "hi I'm so-and-so and I do this-and-that" post to the members' group.
  9. Create their account in the CRM, using the same email from above.
  10. Record the mentor info in the CRM
  11. Create their wiki account, using the desired username from the form.
  12. Find out how they'll be paying dues, and do the needful there. (Someone with clue please FIXME!)
  13. Make sure the mentor and member have emailed each other with their first followup appointment.
  14. Find Nate B and get their key programmed. (For the time being there's just one person doing this, until the data is cleaned up.)
  15. Record the key data in the CRM
  16. Put their completed member form in the folder for them in the filing cabinet under the tv or place it in the "Treasurer" drawer of the filing cabinet.
  17. Make sure they take the welcome/quiz sheet with them, it's meant as a reference.

On selecting a mentor: Mentors should be well-connected members, adept with:

  • Google Groups
    • digest mode
    • web interface
    • archives
    • all the stuff on Mailing List.
  • Google Calendar
  • Various webmail services (gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail)
  • Wiki editing


At the first mentor followup appointment:

  • Whenever possible, guide the new member to solving their own problems.
  • Make sure the new member is getting group emails, or keeping up using the web interface.
  • Find out if the member has a project in progress, and help them find resources or collaborators.
  • Talk about a project you (the mentor) are working on.
  • Find out if any questions on the quiz stumped them, point towards solutions.
  • Find out if they've brought any friends by the space, offer to roleplay the guest-and-waiver-and-sign-in process.
  • Ask if they have any questions about why the standing rules are written the way they are
  • Run through the last-one-out checklist together, letting the new member do the steps, you just following.

During the second appointment:

  • Re-review the above, plus...
  • Discuss a potential improvement and encourage the new member to begin implementing it.
  • Wiki member page?
  • Anything else? Edit me!