HOWTO Program a key

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  1. Collect a $5 key deposit and drop it in the treasurer's drop box
  2. Make sure you have an unassigned key (fob or card) to use.
  3. Go to the keypad, and make sure it's at the ready screen. (i.e. not waiting for a PIN after a swipe, or otherwise distracted.)
  4. Enter the super-secret programming code, starting with * and finishing with #.
  5. Go to Add/Delete
  6. Add by RF Learn
  7. Select the next open slot number. Write it down.
  8. Tag units: 1 (if you have multiple people to add, do the entire procedure separately for them.)
  9. Close tag into RF area: Wave the unassigned key near the reader. It should pick it up.
  10. Somehow, ##FIXME##, figure out the ID number of the tag you just programmed in. Write it down.
  11. Now, change user settings
  12. Access mode 3: Card and pin
  13. Careful! It just auto-advanced to the next slot. Back it up so you're working on the slot you just added someone to.
  14. Now, change PIN
  15. Let the new member enter their own PIN, 4 digits, don't press anything afterward.
  16. If it says Success!, you're done. Back out and try the new key.

Any failures, call.... whom? I'll volunteer: Nate B, 248-379-3614.