Haas VF-3 CNC Mill

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A vertical CNC machining center with 40" travel.

Basic Info

  • Ownership: i3Detroit (100%)
  • Location: In the back corner of the shop - You can't miss it. It is practically the only thing in that corner of the space.
  • What it looks like:

I3 HAAS.jpg

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: HAAS VF-3
  • Part Number: not specified


not specified


Must be on the list of operators to actually run the machine, but anyone can request a part to be cut.


Users can follow this flowchart on the overall process.

Torq Cut Process Flowchart

Authorized Users and Trainers

No equipment access set up. See User:pajamapuma or Equipment Access Project for help.

Other References

Travels - 40" x 20" x 25"

Spindle Motor - 15 HP

Spindle RPM - 7500 RPM

Tool type - CAT40

Number of Positions on Tool Changer: 20

Max. Cutting Feed Rates: 200 IPM

Rapid Feed Rate: 450 IPM

Machine Weight

   - Mill Approx 12000 Lbs. 
   - Pallet Changer 4000 Lbs.


Maintenance is performed by the operators

Things that Need to be Done

  1. A pricing structure needs to be established. This is to cover consumables used in making parts for members.



  Q. What types of files does the CNC support?
  A. The CNC itself only takes G-Code from a generic text file.  These need to be transferred to the machine via a serial link.

  Q. How do I generate g-code for the CNC?
  A. There are a couple of different ways.
      1. Create a text file with the appropriate G & M Codes.  
         There is a program reference guide on the shelves back by the machine.
      2. Use a wizard to create the g-code for you.
         There are a couple of g-code generators listed in the useful links on the main page for the CNC Shop.
      3. Use CAM software to create g-code from a 3D model. 
         MasterCAM is available on the Design Workstation in the CNC area.
  Q. What tips would you give in designing a part?
  A. Design your part with the knowledge that you will need to hold in some fashion while it is being cut.  Without proper hold downs it will be very hard to cut you part accurately.


Operator Name Trained By
Brian Wennberg *
John Anderson *
James Kemp *
Paul Kerchen *
Allen Majorovic *
  • Operators of the Torq-cut are also operators of the Haas and vice versa.

References for Operators

------- Work in Procress -------