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Hackerspace Manager will be a web application. It will require IE7+, FF3+, or any other standards compliant browser. It will leverage:

  • Linux Server
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP 5
  • MooTools (AJAX)
  • WikiMedia

Required features for launch

  • get user login from mediawiki.
  • searchable member skills and available tools database
  • member's only index of member contact info. (Address, Phone, Email, Skype, Various IM...)
  • Personal Project Listings (public and private)

Requested features for launch

  • Member points compensation system for free beverages, snacks, or possibly a discounted membership fee
  • Equipment management or "Clearance" system (wouldn't want noobs to get hurt)
  • Meeting attendance system
  • Google Groups, Maps, and Calendar integration.