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WoodWorking Tools

  • Table Saw - On Loan to Group
  • Miter Saw - On Loan to Group
  • Nail Gun's & Compressor - On Loan to Group
  • Misc. Hand tools

Server Room

  • 7ft. Tall fully enclosed server/equipment rack - On Loan to Group
  • Server parts to build a new server for space
  • Windows 2003 Small Business server with license and 10 user licenses

Audio Equipment

  • Stanton Dual Deck CD mixer in Travel rack case

General Space Items

  • Shelving units


  • Sherline tabletop mill - on loan to group
  • shelving units (can double as workbenches) - on loan to group


  • 5 Work Tables
  • Refrigerator
  • Alarm System
  • Panasonic Phone System
  • Utility Cart


  • 32" Olevia LCD TV - CCFL inverters are giving out so CCFL should be replaced with Leds
  • mini hackable DV video camera. instructions
  • one work table
  • a bunch of computer and electronics equipment and parts.