MIG Welder - Hobart RC250

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MIG Welder - Hobart RC250
Hobart RC-250.jpg
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Name Hobart Mig Welder
Owner i3 Detroit
Make Model Hobart RC-250
Part Number [[EquipNumber::5719B-1
Hobart RC-250 Name plate.jpg
Date Acquired
Storage Location Welding Area, against the wall.
Authorization Required
Documentation *Hobart MIG Welder Manual
Other References * Welder consumables are on this list: Welding Shop Consumables



Be Trained!! This machine takes some playing with to get the hang of.


  • Turn on the Gas bottle at the wall rack. Remember that the seal system for inert gas only completely seals the stem at full closed and full open. Turn the knob in the desired direction until it stops. When the "Purge" switch is pressed, you can adjust the argon/co2 flow (watch the red ball in the vertical glass tube).
  • Check the power switch on the junction box on the wall. Is it turned on?
  • Adjust current/wire speed, corse voltage and fine (start low so you don't fuse the tip shut, if you do.. replace it!)
  • Wire not feeding? Check the wire switch is set to "fwd"
  • start 1/4-1/2" away from material. (too close and you'll fuse the tip shut)

Maintenance Info