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Zone Information
Zone Name Infrastructure Zone
Zone Slogan "The back end never looked so good."
Zone Coordinator(s) Evan Allen
Zone E-mail
Map Area
Zone Color Aquamarine


This zone is currently an amalgamation of existing parts of the space that now have a single point of contact. A result of this is that there is no picture of the zone that would not also include all the other zones as the power conduits themselves are managed by this zone even as they worm their way into every crack and crevice. Another aspect of this zone is that there is very little that needs to be centrally located here on the wiki, most of the items have their own page or subcategory and these will be cleaned up but generally left to themselves and links to them consolidated here.


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The following list is an attempt to offer up suggestions of tasks that could be accomplished throughout the space by people interested in helping out.

Feel free to take charge of one or more of these items as your time and expertise allow. If you have taken charge of a task, please put your name into the field next to the task.

Should you run out of time or ability to complete a task, make sure to post on the mailing list and "fail loudly". This ensures that task status is shared, and no task languishes in silent failure.

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Ground the TIG welder The TIG may be damaging itself and causing harmful interference to other electronics in and around the space. It is also an electrocution risk since the ground clamp is floating. The welder is now grounded via conduit to the bus bar, but is still causing interference. The manual recommends earth grounds for the welder and work surfaces to prevent reradiating high-freq. signals everywhere. See 6
Balance breakers now that the fridges and microwave have a new home, the classroom wall is gone, and we want more lights in the space we should really re-asses how we have the breakers' load balanced. 4
Building ground Tie all the breaker panels to the building beams for ground. Make sure the bus-bar is as well. 4
Laser Power We need more circuit breakers, this time for the lasers
  • new 20A 120v coming from the N panel
  • something for the Laser Vent so we can stop with the extension cord already
Construct a better security camera system There is a tentative plan to have in place a new security camera system based on off-the-shelf computer hardware, linux, a program called 'Motion', and some bt878 capture cards. pcie version, pci version 3
Cord reels are desired in metal shop and tool crib proposed reels 3
Power Runs take 2 We need more circuit breakers, exactly where is to be determined, but here's a preliminary list
  • 120 near the front door for electric cars and power hungry tools to be used outside
  • Label dust-collector disconnect on north wall
  • Label all outlets with the panel and breaker that serves them
compressor noise baffle Mount Roxul batts inside lego-block, position atop compressor exhaust 3 Nate B
Air line for sandblaster/welding zone it doesn't move, plumb it in permanently. Same thing with computers, desktops on wifi suck. 3 Evan, Nate W
Conduit Labeling Designate all conduits with the circuits contained therein, and "downstream" (toward-end-device) "flow" arrows. 2
Squid cache Our squid cache does things, but not all of them are favorable. Finish setting that up. 2
Bit torrent It seems BTsync is not quite compatible with the current settings on our router (hint: dumping massive error logs are not a good standard operating procedure) check to see why that's happening and see if BTsync is even compatible with our network. 2
Roof vents some don't work, need fixing. At least one needs fumagating

Vent over computer zone needs new motor, pulley, belt (new motor located under pallet rack in vinyl zone (Yellow Jackets made a nest last summer), Wood shop vent needs new belt (was last seen in tool crib somewhere, maybe near spare motor on vinyl pallet rack) Vent over CNC might need new breaker installed, breaker will not reset, doesn't appear to even try, doesn't supply power if held either, 220v pushmatic (maybe 20amp, probably could run much smaller).

Front door replacement There is budget for a replacement front door, it just needs to get found, bought, and installed. 2 Nate B
Sound deadening Ow, my ears. Let's at least make an attempt to sound isolate some things. preliminary idea is to hang curtains around the whiteboard room and see if it helps. Maybe the treehouse or kitchen after that. 2
fuses for air compressor and sander replace busbar fuses with 70A ones, the cable running it is awg 6 2
Atomic clock GPS, cesium beam, Rubidium, whatever we can get working. Also use it as a timing standard for the equipment. 2
Fire extinguisher maintenance Update this text with the date the inspection tags expire. When they do, take 'em in. 1
Floor pour in e-overflow Self-leveling floor compound, or just real concrete, north of the treehouse stairs. Oh jeez. 1 Nate B
Relabel compressor disconnect fed from the busbar, the last box on the wall before it goes flexible, needs to indicate phases and amps 1
Network Protection Our network is now gloriously mounted on the wall instead of that huge mostly empty rack that gathered trash, yay! There may be a is a slight problem having to do with a leak that comes down literally on top of where it was long ago decided to place the technological backbone of our hackerspace. The CEO is working with the landlord to get it fixed, but if he doesn't (or in the interim at least) the network may have to be shielded from the elements. A loose idea would be a piece of plywood with angle brackets connected to the wooden backboard (which should be going away) bent down like an awning to direct the water away from the things that keep our space ticking. 1
Network Prettification re-wire parts of the network so they follow the main trunk and use half-decent cable, Trace, test, and label all cat-5 drops and panels 1
Thermal Insulation The space leaks lots of energy in winter, let's find some major leaks and get some solutions in place. Luckily some of our members have FLIRs. 1
Wire remaining security cameras to the box by the Fab Lab new cam server There are some cameras that have been placed but do not have wire run to them, that needs to be rectified. 1
Intercom Permanence Wherever the intercom equipment is gonna be, it shouldn't be running on an extension cord. Add outlets to the box in the mezzanine? 1
Air line for laser zone for new cleaner cutting! 3 Evan, Matt G
Power Drops for the Wood Shop take 2 120v on the member storage for the lathe, 120v near sawstop for the small bandsaw (not needed anymore?). 4
Network reinforcement (literally) The rack ears that currently hold the network are tenuously attached to the wall and have very haphazard holes drilled in them. The ears should be ramset into the wall (after the elimination of the wooden backboard that it's currently affixed to. We may also want new ears because as previously said they are very haphazardly drilled. 2
Patch wall hole by sandblaster 1
New air compressor replacement We have member buy-in of up to ~$4500 at least, we want i3 to be willing to put forth money to bring it up to enough to buy a new 15hp screw compressor 4 Evan
Hot water to the shop sink Just needs to be run, not sure what direction though (over?) 2 Konrad B
Bathroom light Do something less-horrible with the abominable light fixture in the scary bathroom 2
Microwave Circuit Get the microwave some dedicated power so it doesn't blow the breaker when the front-door outlet is being used heavily. 1
Network placement round two Once we get the new server there will be no reason to continue using the existing server rack. The contents (the new server, and the UPS) will move underneath the fablab workbench. Power needs to be punched through the wall to give the network access to the battery backup, and possibly ventilation in the doors of the cabinet (but not vented to the shop). 3
VoIP PA system for the shop, and the office space With a functional phone system it would be nice to have a system where the shop can be paged either from the outside or from an interior phone 1
Add all the planned VoIP phones to their designated zones The Laser Cutter, CNC Shop (possibly more) need phones installed 2
VoIP PA system take 2 re-use pa amp and possibly speakers from the over-engineering light to make louder the PA 2
Server replacement--hardac.i3detroit.local Skynet died and it has been proposed to purchase a brand new server, like with a warranty and everything. The current quotes can be found here: Server upgrades 4 Andrew Meyer, everyone else too
Power Runs take 1
  • extend 240 near the garage door for the plasma cutter to be used outside
  • 240 near the garage door as a hardline for the OpenEVSE
  • extend 120 from welding zone to sandblaster
Power Drops for the Wood Shop take 1 220v for the new sander. 4
Network placement The rack that currently holds our switches takes up floorspace that could be otherwise utilized, there are mounting points for all of that gear a foot from them on the wall, they should move there. 3 Evan Allen, Justin Triplett
Network Standardization Our network is currently an amalgamation of 802.3, 802.3af, and what is known as 'dumb' POE. The plan is to make all dumb POE devices 802.3af compliamt or replace them outright, this will simplify wiring and keep everything standard. 2
Move ToDo tasks in here Lots of tasks on the general ToDo list should be in zone-specific lists for better championing 2 Evan


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