Injection Molding Shop

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The injection molding shop


  • Thanks to ?? for donating two injection molding machines.
  • Thanks to ?? for alerting i3Detroit about the availability of these machines.
  • Thanks to Jim K., Roger S., Nate W., (someone please help with this list!) for bringing these unwieldy, messy, heavy machines to the space under a tight deadline.

Shop Safety!

  • Keep shop area clear of debris, spills, and other hazards.
  • Wear eye protection at all time when using equipment.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Tie long hair back, remove dangling jewelery.
  • Take your time. Accidents happen because someone is in too big of a hurry.
  • Think about what you are doing. If something seems unsafe, it probably is.



Injection Molding Shop Infrastructure ToDo List

Description Status Contact
Exhaust system
Cooling water supply We do not expect to need a chiller
Electrical power 240V 18A 3PH rating on large hydraulic pump motor

Heater power TBD, smaller machine TBD

Plastic pellet storage
Hydraulic fluid spill management Sheet metal pan under each machine (proposed)

Injection Molding Shop Support ToDo List

Description Status Contact
Mold Design CAE (software tool chain?)

Copy existing mold design (where to find examples?)

Mold Fabrication Tool steel appears to be impractical.

Forged/rolled Al plate (specialized mold alloy) proposed.

Process Control Temperature (two zones), pressure, cycle time, etc.

Arburg ALLROUNDER 150 ToDo List

Description Status Contact
Documentation Attempt to contact Arburg in Germany.

Arburg (Model TBD) ToDo List

Description Status Contact