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[[Image:jointer photo|175px| ]]
Name Jointer
Owner TBD, best contact person is Dave Alvarez
Make Model Acme CNC Yak Shaver - Model 5000 deluxe
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location The jointer should be stored in the Wood Shop. It is on a wheeled base so it can be rolled out to provide clearance for working with long boards.
Authorization Required
Other References


The jointer in the Wood Shop is currently being set up. A jointer is used to create a straight surface on a board. It can also be used to create a second straight surface at a right angle to the first straight surface.


Put the rules that govern the use of this tool here.

  • To prevent nicks on the blades, please check your board carefully and remove nails, screws, and any other metal bits.
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Set the cutting depth

The depth adjustment ...

Turn it On

The power switch is located ...

Turn it Off

The power switch is located ...

Maintenance Info

Two critical adjustments need to be maintained on the jointer. The infeed and outfeed tables need to be parallel to within 0.001 in. or so, and the blades need to be 0.001 in. higher than the outfeed table.


  1. What is a jointer? Wikipedia has an excellent article on the Jointer.
  2. Is there an online video that discusses jointer table/cutter alignment? Yes: jointer adjustments


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