Kiln: Manual Operation

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Operating Instructions - Kiln

Manual Operation (without Controller)

First Rule - The Kiln is Brittle. The firebrick which makes up the kiln, including the top, is brittle. Think Paper Mache or Meringue. If you lean on the top, or put anythink even remotely heavy it will collapse. If you look at the interior you will see the cracks from heat. Just treat it like eggs and everything will be cool.

Second Rule - The Kiln Gets REALLY Hot. The outside of the Kiln can reach temperatures higher than the skillet you cook bacon in (I will be more numeric when I bring my IR thermometer in).

1) Make sure the cord from the Kiln Lid Box is plugged into the socket in the Kiln Bottom Box.

2) Make sure the cord from Kiln Bottom Box is plugged into the 220 socket labeled KILN NORMAL POWER on the wall.

3) Switch Breaker Box labeled KILN to ON position.

4) Make sure all 3 control knobs are set to OFF and pilots lights are OFF.

5) To be continued.....