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There are two of these. They are identical.
| Name = Big Laser Cutter
#Name: Bumblebee
#:Owner: Group-owned, purchased with funds collected from far and wide.
#Name: Wolverine
#:Owner: [[Roger Slykhouse]]
*There are two of these. One is nicknamed Bumblebee, and the other is nicknamed Wolverine. They are identical.
*Owner:  (Bumblebee) Group-owned, purchased with funds collected from far and wide.
*Owner: (Wolverine) [[Roger Slykhouse]]
| StorageLocation = West wall, you can't miss it.
| StorageLocation = West wall, you can't miss it.

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There are two of these. They are identical.

  1. Name: Bumblebee
    Owner: Group-owned, purchased with funds collected from far and wide.
  2. Name: Wolverine
    Owner: Roger Slykhouse



Basic Info

  • Ownership: not specified'
  • Location: West wall, you can't miss it.
  • What it looks like:
alt text

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Jinan G. Weike / WKLaser LC1280
  • Part Number: not specified


not specified


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Authorized Users and Trainers

Certified Trainers

Trainer NameCertified Date
Andrew Meyer20 August 2013
Devon Truscott20 August 2013
Matt Arnold20 August 2013
Matt Gardeski20 August 2013
Mike Fink20 February 2015
Nate Bezanson20 August 2013
Roger Slykhouse20 August 2013
Terry Wynn20 August 2013

Authorized Users

User NameTrained ByTrained Date
Aaron PrunkardDevon Truscott1 April 2014
Adrienne JohnsonDevon Truscott22 October 2013
Adrienne PattersonMatt Arnold20 September 2013
Alex BellakDevon Truscott23 August 2013
Andrew MeyerDevon Truscott21 August 2013
Anthony GrazianiNate Bezanson7 November 2013
Benjamin FedorkaAndrew Meyer19 July 2014
Bill PuttNate Bezanson11 December 2013
Brace StoutDevon Truscott23 August 2013
Brian WennbergDevon Truscott20 August 2013
Brian WennbergMatt Arnold16 December 2013
Chris BohinskyNate Bezanson2 July 2014
Chris PlatzerDevon Truscott23 August 2013
Daniel UngarDevon Truscott3 September 2103
David HenryNate Bezanson19 December 2014
Derek KuschelDevon Truscott23 August 2013
Devin McPhersonNate Bezanson7 September 2013
Elena IlievaDevon Truscott20 August 2013
Emma WhippleMatt Arnold2 September 2103
Eric MerrillDevon Truscott20 August 2013
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