Laser Cutter - Full Spectrum

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Laser Cutter - Full Spectrum
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Full Spectrum Laser
|175px| ]]
Name 40W Laser Cutter
Owner i3 (100%)
Make Model Full Spectrum Laser
Part Number HL40-5g Hobby Advanced Laser 20" x 12"
Date Acquired
Storage Location North Wall of the Fab Lab
Authorization Required
Documentation Owner's Manual black binder on shelf above laser cutter
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  • Please get training before use.
  • Please donate $0.25/min of cut time


Owner's Manual black binder on shelf above laser cutter

Maintenance Info



  • A focus block needs to be manufactured
    • 1.359" long by nominally 0.5"-0.75" diameter
    • solid, thermally stable material like aluminum or steel
  • The focus slide could be redesigned for less flex.
  • Payment counter?
  • Quieter air compressor

Trainers and Trained Personnel

Trainers, certified to train others
Name Certified By
Andrew Meyer N/A
Matt Gardeski N/A
Trained, certified to operate machine
Name Trained By
Ashley Prescott Andrew Meyer
John Sugg Andrew Meyer
Justin Triplett Andrew Meyer
Michael Fink Andrew Meyer
Mark Lenigan Andrew Meyer
Len ??? Andrew Meyer