Laser Cutter - Full Spectrum

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Laser Cutter - Full Spectrum
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Full Spectrum Laser
|175px| ]]
Name 40W Laser Cutter
Owner i3 (100%)
Make Model Full Spectrum Laser
Part Number HL40-5g Hobby Advanced Laser 20" x 12"
Date Acquired
Storage Location North Wall of the Fab Lab
Authorization Required
Documentation Owner's Manual black binder on shelf above laser cutter

Online version:

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  • Please get training before use.
  • Please donate $0.25/min of cut time


Owner's Manual black binder on shelf above laser cutter

Maintenance Info



  • The focus slide could be redesigned for less flex.
  • Payment counter?
  • Quieter air compressor

Trainers and Trained Personnel

Trainers, certified to train others
Name Certified By
Andrew Meyer N/A
Matt Gardeski N/A
Matt Huber N/A
Justin Triplett Andrew Meyer
Trained, certified to operate machine
Name Trained By
Ashley Prescott Andrew Meyer
John Sugg Andrew Meyer
Michael Fink Andrew Meyer
Mark Lenigan Andrew Meyer
Len Kinnaird-Heether Andrew Meyer
Chris Prout Andrew Meyer
Rob Lifton Andrew Meyer
Al Schwartz Andrew Meyer
Hans Chen Andrew Meyer
Clayton McCord Andrew Meyer