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Basic Info

  • Ownership: Roger Slykhouse
  • Location: West wall, you can't miss it.
  • What it looks like:
Photo of Wolverine

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Jinan G. Weike / WKLaser LC1290
  • Part Number: not specified


The setup manual, File:OPERATIONAL MANUAL OF MACHINE xin USB.pdf is worth reading, if only for a laugh.

Inside the cutter, a Leetro MPC6515 control board coordinates the motors and laser firing. Its documentation is freely downloadable.

So much grief has arisen from the awful state of the documentation and software, that an entire Chinese laser support forum has arisen for the hapless owners of these machines help each other.


  • i3 Members may use this machine ONLY with permission of the owner.
  • You must be trained to use this machine.
  • There is a consumables fee for this machine of $0.25 per minute (or $15 per hour) of laser-on time. (Check the display on the machine right after your job completes to get the time it ran.)

Approved Materials List


General instructions

The only difference between operating Wolverine and operating Bumblebee is that they have a differently-sized pulley on one axis. If you are already set up to use Bumblebee, and want to use Wolverine, open File > machine options > work table. The dialog has controls for X and Y, both of which have the "..." button. You need to click that button for both of them. You'll see "36". Change that to "24". You'll need to change both of them back to "36" to use Bumblebee again.

Time-of-cut Checklist- Bumblebee

When focusing, grab a focus-chip and keep one hand over emergency-stop while setting Z. Do two quick jogs up on the Z-axis if you use the auto-focus / Datum feature.

Authorized Users and Trainers

No equipment access set up. See User:pajamapuma or Equipment Access Project for help.

Other References

Two good sources of info:


We do not know the maintenance schedule for this machine yet. The tube is warranted for 10 months and eventually will need to be replaced. The glass should be cleaned regularly, and the screw drives for the Z-axis should be checked for lubrication.

Things that Need to be Done

Develop a list of materials, with speed and power settings for various cutting depths. Add bumpers under the lid. Add stringer gas shocks so the lid does not slam shut.


See Bumblebee FAQs