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MFJ 269B Antenna Analyzer

This is the Antenna Analyzer in the e-room. It's been acting sporadically insane recently and I need to fix it. Although, mysteriously it seemed to work for several hours without issue on 8 Jan 2012. Use with a healthy dose of suspicion.

Basic Info

  • Ownership: Brad Tarratt
  • Location: In the plastic box next to the amateur radio station in the e-room.
  • What it looks like:


Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: MFJ 269B
  • Part Number: not specified


not specified


  • Read the manual before using
  • Do not remove from shop (parking lot okay)
  • Do not leave without charging if Vbatt drops below 13V. Vbatt is displayed on the LCD at boot, and a charging cable is included in the box.
  • Do not power on with UHF button depressed. Press UHF button AFTER power up. If you are surprised by this, you didn't read the manual. Please do that.


Currently unit is acting crazy and probably needs a transistor replaced. It seems to work somewhat better after running a while.

Authorized Users and Trainers

No equipment access set up. See User:pajamapuma or Equipment Access Project for help.

Other References

not specified


I will personally be maintaining this unit in the next month or two.

Things that Need to be Done

I need to make it operate sanely again.


  • Q: when will you have it fixed?
  • A: Probably before February.