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The official, members-only mailing list is:

All members should be subscribed to this and the public mailing list.

Please be considerate of your fellow members and keep the chatter and "me too" replies to a reasonable level.

Mailing List Etiquette


  • Assume good faith.
  • Be excellent to each other.
  • Gently correct, off-list the first time.
  • Offer help, not derision.
  • If you must criticize, back it up with facts, not feelings.
  • In that case, be sure to offer a path to make it right.


  • When you make one post, roughly a hundred people to have to read it.
  • The mailing list is not chat. Please use IRC or off-list email for that.
  • If every member posts ONE MESSAGE A DAY, the resulting deluge overwhelms us
  • Therefore, strive only to post when you materially contribute to the discussion.
  • Resist the urge to "chime in", as this snowballs and doesn't add to the discussion.
  • Make your first post in a thread count. Put in all the detail you think people might ask about, to avoid the ask-and-respond message pingpong.

Choice of venue:

  • i3detroit-public is appropriate for local events, tech questions, etc.
  • i3detroit (the members-only list) is for stuff-in-the-shop, and private business.
  • i3 Forums Maybe a better place for unimportant chat/discussions ex. What should we call this....


  • To start a new thread, email the list directly or use the New Post button on the Groups website. DO NOT REPLY TO AN OLD MESSAGE WITH A NEW SUBJECT LINE. That breaks things.
  • Trim your quoted section to just the relevant parts. Some mailers do horrid things with quoted sections and we all have to slog through it.
  • If replying off-list, try to remember to change the [i3detroit] subject tag to something else, so their filters know it's not a list email.

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