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:The ever-changing list of maintenance and improvement tasks.  
:The ever-changing list of maintenance and improvement tasks.  
;'''[[Data Management]]''' and '''[[Communication]'''
;'''[[Data Management]]''' and '''[[Communication]]'''
:List of all systems we use to manage member and space data. (Merge these pages!)
:List of all systems we use to manage member and space data. (Merge these pages!)

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i3 Detroit - The Metro Detroit Hackerspace

Upcoming Events


List of Active Members
Member Projects
Independent Projects in Progress
FAQ / New Member Orientation
Info for new and potential members, including the Glossary
HOWTO Get a Wiki Account
Because contributions to the wiki are always good!


Information and safety procedures for our tools and equipment organized by location:

Zone Zone Warden Phone Email
Craft Room Kevin Flory (419) 234-6200 flory.twin.2@gmail.com
Laser Cutters Matt Arnold (248) 787-7436 matt.mattarn@gmail.com
Electronics Room Nathaniel B (248) 379-3614 Myself@telcodata.us
Machine Shop Steve H (734) 788-4667 steveghermann@gmail.com
Wood Shop Greg S / Dave S 248-649-3565 / 248-632-3370 GregSSmith@aol.com / djscholl@gmail.com
Welding Area Nate W 248-677-1331 Nate_LapT@i3detroit.com
Kiln Zone Terry W see CRM or sign in Kiln Zone see CRM or sign in Kiln Zone
Bicycle Shop Dustin W (248) 794-0581 dustinbikes@gmail.com
Vinyl Shop
Fab Lab Matt H (248) 343-7432 extrudude@i3detroit.com
Tool Crib /consumables area
Lost and Found / Graveyard
CNC Shop Brian W (517) 974-4817 byddcryf@gmail.com
Injection Molding Shop Nate W 248-677-1331 Nate_Lapt@i3detroit.com
Commons Area Your Mom

List of all the Equipment. Map of Zones.


The i3Detroit network information page.
The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
Breaker Panels
The circuit breaker panels.

Resources and Records

Legal and tax documents including Bylaws, 501c3 docs, Articles of Incorporation etc.
Standing rules
Rules for the space.
A list of the current officers.
Meeting Minutes
Minutes from our past meetings.
Archive of proposals and votes.
List of committees and their resources
In the Media
Published articles, videos, etc. about i3 Detroit.
Material and Tool Sources
Places to get materials and tools.
Community Contacts
Groups and people to collaborate with.
Various reports for the organization.
The ever-changing list of maintenance and improvement tasks.
Data Management and Communication
List of all systems we use to manage member and space data. (Merge these pages!)
Group Forms, Waivers, Sign-Ups, etc.
Books owned by members that can be checked out.
Useful uploaded files, such as flyers, graphics, and more.
Old versions of Bylaws, Standing Rules, etc.
The Story of i3 Detroit
The story of how this whole thing happened.

Procedures and Instructions

HOWTO Park your car 
Rubber side down.
HOWTO Close up the space 
A checklist to complete if you are the last one out at the end of the night.
HOWTO Host an event at i3detroit 
Scheduling, publicity, day-of tasks.
Harassment Policy 
Expectations about behavior and what the group would do about it.
Officer and Director Tutorials 
Information for Officers and Directors in training

Other procedures, including membership processing are on the Procedures and Instructions page.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Start the adventure?