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== Resources and Records  ==
== Resources and Records  ==
;'''[[Officers and Board of Directors]]'''  
:A list of the current officers.  
:A list of the current officers and members of the Board.  
:Archive of proposals and votes.  
:Archive of proposals and votes.  

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i3 Detroit - The Metro Detroit Hackerspace

Info for Members
Space and Equipment
About i3 Detroit
Info for Directors/Officers


List of Active Members
Member Projects
Independent Projects in Progress
FAQ / New Member Orientation
Info for new and potential members, including the Glossary
HOWTO Get a Wiki Account
Because contributions to the wiki are always good!
SIG Groups
Special Interest Groups - Members organize to share knowledge and efforts.

Resources and Records

Officers and Board of Directors
A list of the current officers and members of the Board.
Archive of proposals and votes.
List of committees and their resources
A list with definitions of all the special terms for life @ i3.
Material and Tool Sources
Places to get materials and tools.
Various reports for the organization.
The ever-changing list of maintenance and improvement tasks.
Books owned by members that can be checked out.
Useful uploaded files, such as flyers, graphics, and more.
Old versions of Bylaws, Standing Rules, etc.

Procedures and Instructions

HOWTO Park your car 
Rubber side down.
HOWTO Close up the space 
A checklist to complete if you are the last one out at the end of the night.
HOWTO Host an event at i3detroit 
Scheduling, publicity, day-of tasks.
Officer and Director Tutorials 
Information for Officers and Directors in training

Other procedures, including membership processing are on the Procedures and Instructions page.

Choose Your Own Adventure

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