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Makership Committee
Leader(s) Jamie Burdeski
Members Nate BezansonAshley Lesser

A Makership is 3 months worth of i3 membership dues awarded to an individual in the Detroit area. There is also the possibility of a project stipend, pending legal approval. We recognize that potential makers with limited financial resources often are unable to afford any membership rates- no matter what the discount might be. Our makership program seeks to eliminate these financial hurdles and get makers making!

We award our makerships based on demonstrated track record and commitment to the DIY community. The projects you work on at i3 could be anything from an electronic gadget, to an open source software project, to a citizen science project, to a fire-breathing robotic pony, or (hopefully) a project we haven’t imagined. i3 makerships are open to anyone who could benefit from our community and resources to make something great.

i3Detroit Makership Application

How to Makeaship (optional)

Makership Award

  • 3 months of membership dues (cash equivalent value to $147 USD) at award start date. Member rights include:
    • An RFID key for 24 hour access to i3
    • Access to all i3 equipment, tools, & community resources
    • Space at i3 to store a reasonable amount of equipment and materials.
    • Eligibility to vote on i3 membership votes, such as equipment purchases.
  • Mentor to help you brainstorm, troubleshoot, find community resources and advance past project roadblocks
  • Letter of reference from mentor or i3 officer upon successful term completion and upon request.

Makership Responsibilities & Deliverables

Adjustments to the below requirements can be granted at the mentor's discretion.

  • Attend new member orientation & pursue training on all relevant equipment
  • Attend all regular member meetings and give project updates.
  • Come in to the space twice/week, flexible as arranged with your mentor
  • Meet regularly with mentor and fellow makership recipients to discuss progress
  • Attend a potlock in your term or complete equivalent community service as decided by your mentor
  • Document progress as you go with blog posts, social posts, meeting presentations, etc.
  • Complete project write-up at the end of the makership term (even if your project was unsuccessful/unfinished)
  • Present and/or demonstrate project at the last member meeting in makership term
  • Represent i3 at off-site events as requested by mentor or i3 leadership team
  • Ask i3 community for help when you get stuck!

Application Process

The second trial term for the Makership program will run from March 1st, 2015 through May 31st, 2015. Applicants will be asked to come in for an informal interview and tour of the space before the final decision is made. Up to 3 applicants will be accepted each quarter, but runners-up are encouraged to re-apply the next term or just come in as a guest.

To help guide applicants in their crafting of their application, review criteria and evaluation questions for judges are posted below. We expect to get applications that vary widely (and we encourage diversity in project topics and exploration!), so please don’t feel that your application has to be strong across all criteria to be judged favorably. Judges will score proposals according to these criteria to determine which makerships are awarded.

Application Deadline: February 28th, 2015

Application Components & Criteria

  • Background & Experience
    • What past experiences will help you to complete this project?
    • What unique point of view can you bring to the i3 community?
    • What kind of experiences have you had with learning new equipment, techniques, etc?
  • Prior Work
    • Please provide links to as much of your published work as you'd like us to review.
    • Choose pieces which exemplify your creativity, attention to detail, and eagerness to share your knowledge. These can be videos, instructables, or any other sort of documentation, but they must be accessible to anyone -- publications in subscription-only journals or otherwise behind "paywalls" will not be considered.
    • Collaborations may be listed here but your name must appear among the authors/credits, and at least one solo work should be included.

  • Project Proposal (This part is optional. We'd like to hear about interesting projects that you have in mind, but it will not affect your application's prospects.)
    • How important is the proposed activity to advancing knowledge and understanding within its own field or across different fields?
    • To what extent does the proposed activity suggest and explore creative, original, or potentially transformative concepts?
    • Is it cool??
  • Project Timeline
    • How well conceived and organized is the proposed activity?
    • Will the project fit into the Makership term?
    • If not, is there a specific milestone that can?
    • Does each step/component have a reasonably estimated budget?

  • Financial Impact
    • How significant a financial impact does the i3 Makership have on this applicant? Consider both personal financial need and budget of long-term project (if more than makership term)
  • Community Impact
    • Does this project improve the world?
    • Will the results be open and shared to enhance scientific and technological understanding?
    • Does the project promote sharing, openness, decentralization and world improvement (as prescribed by Stephen Levy in The Hacker Ethic)?

i3Detroit Makership Application

Past Makership Recipients

November 2014-February 2015

  • Nicole Weltman
  • Joseph Bauman
  • Karianne Gottschalk

Most source material from LVL1 Makership