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== Meeting Minutes of September 16th, 2009 ==
== Meeting Minutes of September 15th, 2009 ==

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Meeting Minutes of September 15th, 2009





Evil Dead Project. Members approved using space for Ted & Michelle's project provided it doesn't interfere with ongoing construction and painting.

New member, Michelle Becker.

Buildout. Progress is good. Painting can hopefully bes scheduled for next week.

Grand Opening, planned date 10/3. Plan to send out some paper invitations to VIPs, post names to mailing list.

Classes. Schedule is being worked out on the mailing list. Continue to email with proposed dates/times and class descriptions.

Insurance. Quote is higher than expected due lack of fire supression and other factors. $110/month. Russ is getting more quotes.

Standing rules. Start posting ideas to the list.

LAN party in October, related to Zombie Walk, 10/11. Swit is organizing.

Tshirts. Swit will order 25, sold at $10 to members.

Twohands documentary project plans to visit 9/23.

Tiered Dues/Discount Dues. Lots of discussion, talking stick largely ignored. Consensus reached: Five slots for discounted memberships of $50/Month. Discounts to be nominated and approved by membership.

Discounted memberships, two nominations approved by membership.