Meeting Minutes 20091103

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Meeting Minutes of 11-03-2009



  • 322 E. 4th St.
  • Royal Oak, MI


Members: Matt, Ed, Daniel, Jamie, Rashad, Ted, Steve, Joe, Nate, Russ, Trevor

Guests: Amy, Harry, Paul, Ian

And one dog.



Standing rules

  • on the wiki here
  • vote to adopt: passed
  • move to officially note that Nate and Ted no longer suck.. did not pass

Change to meeting dates

  • Russ proposes to move meetings to every other week
  • 1st and 3rd week of the month
  • people will show up on tuesdays
  • but it's in the bylaws.. so it will be passed at the board meeting later tonight

Dale from Make magazine is coming to i3

  • 11am to 1pm on Saturday
  • hang with Dale
  • anyone interested in volunteering for Maker Faire 2010 Greenfield Village
  • open idea discussion

Email from city of Royal Oak

  • Royal Oak Development Association
  • asked us to be involved with the Holiday Magic Parade (November 21st)
    • this is the same date as the Detroit Urban Craft Fair
    • so we need two teams (see next point)
  • the mayor told them we had to be in it :)
  • they want us to bring the cupcake car
  • need to make sure the car is ready for the parade
  • Nick will go to the meeting for organizing the parade (the 17th)

Detroit Urban Craft Fair

  • the cupcake car will need to be at both events
  • need two teams
  • need to load/unload the cupcake car
  • need more cool ideas
    • something interactive
    • group projects, individual projects
    • like a mini Maker Faire
  • we are listed as a sponsor (for building the changing booth)
  • how much space do we actually have? not known yet


  • cupcake car
  • nerf shooting range (4-8 targets)
  • theremin
  • examples of past classes (especially craft classes, like the papercraft class)
  • halloween costumes
  • projected video
  • laser demonstration
  • vinyl cutter.. hook up a laptop and let people push a button to print something out
  • marshmallow cannon
  • t-shirt launcher (for the parade as well)
  • bristlebot

How to start a project

Make a post on the mailing list!

Open discussion

  • how is everyone liking the space? are you able to use it as you imagined?
  • beer brewing class?
  • i3detroit Skype account.. get a web cam in the space?
  • communal PCs and servers in the space
    • worries about power consumption.. we just need to accept that we'll have higher power consumption
    • don't limit the use of computers in the space.. computers will be used for all kinds of different, useful things
    • consensus is there should be no limit on servers and computers in the space, but don't bring hardware in needlessly
  • solar panels, batteries, wind turbines.. anyone want to do a project?
  • DARPA contest.. end of December, 10 big tethered, red weather balloons, locate 5 out of 10
    • $40,000 prize
    • let's put up some big eight foot red balloons on that day
  • Rashad: OpenEverything
    • conference in Ann Arbor, 70 people
    • post ideas on a board
    • each 45 minutes, 4 different tables
    • discuss open government, etc.
    • see Rashad's post on the mailing list
    • Rashad also went to the A2 maker space.. Digital Ops.. excited to see one of us there
  • Telescope Bill in Oak Park
  • 2600 meeting this friday in Ann Arbor
  • Ignite Ann Arbor this friday as well
  • Nick is in the middle of buying a $1600 mill, if anyone wants to help fund it and get it in the space, talk to him, he's looking for people to help