Meeting Minutes 20100216

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i3det 2010-02-16

   * psone trip.
         o # of people going needs to be told to psone tonight or tomorrow. let Russ know if you are going.
         o some people are staying overnight.
   * space updates.
         o ken said we wants us to stay. but listed the place on craigs list.
               + mentioned getting us into the front during a renovation
         o trouble finding bigger space at $1500.  a lot of space at $2000
               + i75 and rochester rd.
                     # land lord was willing to pay for any renovations. in writing in the lease
                     # 5000sgft with bigger garage door
                     # 2 big parking lots.
               + 8000sqft ferndale off of wander and wordsworth.
                     # $2000
         o craigslist, for new prospects.
   * detroit hackerspace:
         o meeting last thursday. we were kindly not invited. they said i3 was too closed.
         o this sentiment has been mentioned several times from several sources.
         o are we not marketing ourselves correctly?
   * future vision for i3detroit:
         o easing the membership process?
         o terminology of members vs the public vs supporters
         o a negative vibe in the space turning people off?
         o board to meet and discuss further tomorrow 2/17/10
   * i3detroit brain storming session Feb 24th, public, pizza, and beer.
   * Membership Proposal:
               appended membership process changes:
               vote: passed