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i3Det 2010-04-20<br/>
i3Det 2010-04-20<br/>
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         <li>27 month for i3 to file from July 2009.</li>
         <li>27 month for i3 to file from July 2009.</li>
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i3Det 2010-04-20

  • no proposals tonight. 1st prop next week.
  • appointment of a member relations person
    • deals with local hobby shops
    • tracking members, making sure they are happy with the place and showing up.
    • jaime exteral, nate b internal.
  • space plan.
    • will be posted after the meeting.
  • front area is mostly painted. ducts have been cleaned. final samples have been taken.
    • craft and electronic room should be completed before the bbq.
    • call for more members to help finish the build out.
    • boat and vehicle should be gone soon
  • penguicon
    • getting list of stuff we'll need to take with us.
    • lumber liquidator for cork board.
    • First kids will have a presence.
  • maker faire
    • submit projects indiviually and soon.
    • 1 powerwheels in hand.
    • 200 entries and 25,000 attendees
    • 80% of the submissions are from Austin
    • engineering socities, colleges,
    • starting in may have maker fair prep days every saturday.
  • members website.
    • CRM for members tracking.
    • march 2010 - 13 core, 11.5 reg, 2 sponsored, 1 family plan income $1640.50, $2700.14 total costs
    • april so far $1390 in dues.
    • $7571.81 in the bank.
  • in 2010 the IRS will be stream lining the 501c3 process with new software and cheaper rate.
    • 27 month for i3 to file from July 2009.