Meeting Minutes 20100518

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i3detroit 2010-05-18

   * new member intros.
         o bob - working on a beer project
         o alex ford - kettering
         o eric barch - kettering - arduino atmega stuff
   * new member packets
         o the docs aren't getting around and filed.  -swit will nag nate to update procedure.
         o any member should be able to sign up someone.  russ or nate will doll out keys.
         o wavers are by loft stairs use em.
   * 39 vs 89 storage.
         o personal storage aka only for you.
         o keep it reasonable
   * makerfaore
         o get your applications in.
   * fincances. 
         o moving some of the kick starter money to a rainy day fund.  $4000-5000 into a savings
               + ed will draft proposal
               + we'll get a higher interest rate.
         o 4000 is liquid funds with nothing outstanding.
         o down $238 per month from breaking even with 31 members.
   * mini maker faire june 5th
         o i3detroit will be there
   * misc
         o ed does anyone need recurring dues info?
               + please try to get dues in on 1st tuesdays
         o nate - recuitment
               + get people to ask the question instead of preaching.
               + member outreach meeting after this meeting.
         o ted -  conducting a member outreach /  survey. he'll be talking to you soon
         o guests - 
               + riggs for effects etc. 
               + team detroit - slinky vs etch a scetch july 29th
                     # hamster powered fortune telling etch a scetch poject
                     # slinky as an exercise device infomercial
                     # slinky tia chi
               + the area needs a special effects shop
               + larry - description of his projects script.
   * shop build out punch list
         o sec system in works.  new button.
         o garage door no progress
         o sign got to clear with the city
         o fix insulation in rear - bob
         o twitter part -  brad done, ted
         o seal window 4 on east side - ok gutter outside was fixed.
         o label switched - in prog.
         o exit signs - in prog.
         o frig - ed. done.  use the leftover labels.
         o electonics room elec - done.
         o craft room - jen and jaime - almost done
         o exhaust fans - done - leaving dead fans dead
         o hall way floors - done
         o elec. room sills - in prog.
         o hall doors rehung - in prog.
         o chem lab - in prog. mostly done.
         o shower seal. - in prog.
         o organize the shop - nick - in prgress
         o mailbox - in prog.
         o 'milk door' - ben
         o shelf bins -