Meeting Minutes 20100601

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i3detroit 2010-06-01

   * Mini maker fair in Ann Arbor June 5th
         o sign up for morning or afternoon shift
         o skeeball and shooting range are going
         o trailer will be here Friday evening to haul big stuff.
   * Ed's rainy day proposal
         o presenting of proposal
         o 10 members voted unanimously in favour of the proposal.
   * Phil's proposal for vote and membership fees.
         o updating by laws to reflect current dues
         o vote failed Nate for, all else against
         o more comprehensive By Law revision to be presented next meeting
   * Detroit maker faire July 31 - Aug 1st
         o currently 75 submissions. still need 200 total
         o goal of signing up 50 members
   * if you use it put it back
   * we have a vacuum use it
   * show people were tools are instead of just grabbing it for them
   * Penguicon reg table at a Halloween party.
         o Joe will be the i3 liaison.
   * Scott: hear about us though steam con.