Meeting Minutes 20100706

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i3detroit 2010-07-06

   * new member and guest introductions.
   * new proposal passed.  summary will be posted after 72 hours.
   * Making business meeting once a month?
         o Nate B. and Swit weighed in saying there’s reason to keep a meeting to intros then adjurn.
   * please be respectful on the forum.  we have no plans to moderate the groups.
   * filmmaker meet-up
         o 1st weekend after maker faire tentatively.  Talk to Ted.
   * online vote is going well
   * Aaron: what’s the shut off process.
         o the cards get shut off after grace period in by laws.
         o hasn’t been a big issue yet.
   * Classes:
         o we need to start classes soon. a list of 10 for maker faire would be good. start submitting ideas.
   * Devin: new tool, dust collector.  it is not a shop vac!  wood only! no metal!
   * Party Punch List: maker faire after party.
         o submit drawing for sign.  hang banner in the mean time.
         o parking? talk to Andy at paper street?
         o see wiki
   * dumpster tomorrow or thursday.  weekly dump, $60 a quarter.
   * new insurance.  square footage upped our rates.  was $117 is now $475.  need new insurance by approximately a week and a half.  Russ is following a lead with an artist insurance entity.  Let him know if you have any leads.