Meeting Minutes 20100803

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maker faire

   * 22000+ attendees
   * 2 more Maker Faires Scheduled
   * Thank yous all around.

DIY Street Fair

   * middle of September
   * free table if we do a kids make and take.

Maker Meetup Sept. 4th IMTS

   * manufacturing show in Chicago.  ~$15 for tickets

Twinki3 car going to MFNYC? Networking to get a Shopbot after the NYC Maker Faire Autonomous powerwheels

   * get a hold of ted if you want to be a mentor for the kids

treasurer update

   * 46 members
   * after rent $2-3 in operating fund.


   * wow will pay for hook up.  exact per month amount not know yet.
   * 1 year agreement required.
   * show of hands is in favor of better internet

grave yard needs to be resorted, no picking from it for now. russ

   * going to step down as president next month.
   * elections every september
   * a bylaws rewrite will include the yearly meeting for elections

punch list