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i3Detroit, members bimonthly meeting Nov 2nd 2010

Where: i3Detroit (comons area) When: Nov 2nd 2010 7:30pm

Budget Summary

  • Not quite breaking even during the winter, based on current estimates; in black once heating season is over.


  • Radiant: Awesome but expensive ~$10K 3-4 week lead time
  • Forced air replacement: Much cheaper, but noisier and messier. ~$4200 Shorter time span
  • Third quote tomorrow: infrared option?
  • Swit will see about getting another quote from someone he knows
  • Radiant vs. forced: 25% cost savings, may not recoup up front cost for a long time (years)
  • Landlord may knock some rent off in exchange for i3 paying for install

Fire Inspection

  • Fire Marshall made a surprise inspection
  • Didn't like wood pile under chop saw
  • Box touching ceiling needs to be untouched
  • Auto shop needs sprinkler system and fire rated walls—not going to happen
  • Overall, went well.

Web Working Group

  • Transfer put on hold until mid next week


  • Ashley went to IRS seminar; got secret guide book
  • Minutes from meeting are on list, wiki
  • Might be able to get filing done for $250
  • Ross is reading the Noisebridge tome
  • Need to be a community asset to get non-profit status
  • AHA is kicking our ass in community outreach


  • A couple projects in the works; sidetracked by Halloween

PR Committee

  • 2.5 members; Nick is looking for add'l members.
  • Need to set up first meeting

Penguicon/i3 Party Aftermath

  • PA system sucked
  • Webcam was nice
  • A bit disorganized/under-prepared overall, but it was a lot of fun
  • Pictures might be good for future publicity
  • Better costume contest next year
  • Raffle in future? Considered gaming, but might be possible.

Potlock II

  • Need big todo items
  • Classroom?
  • Expand shop area into graveyard area; get rid of graveyard
  • Graveyard should be for stuff left over from in-space projects, not junk hauled in on the hopes that it gets used.
  • Graveyard purge will happen at next potlock. Current member shelves will be moved to new member storage; old storage will become graveyard.

CRM Update

  • Ed's looking for volunteers to beta test; contact him directly if you're interested.

Vertical shelving

  • Nearly done; to be finished at potlock
  • Need to be attached to roof before use
  • Usage limits intentionally vague
  • Ashley has storage bins available on first come, first served, you-clean-it basis

Oakland eCornicopia

  • Subject is “open”, topics are:
  • Open Education
  • Open Access
  • Open Source
  • Swit wants to get together a hackerspace panel (Rust Belt spaces)
  • May 27, 2011 One month after Penguicon
  • Needs volunteers for some of the panels
  • Open Hardware panel: Arduino
  • Video/image editing: Gimp, Audacity, etc.
  • Swit will post call for presentation topics to public list

Podcasting Night

  • Should there be a podcasting night?
  • May spark interest in podcasting studio
  • See thread in members list

  • What happened to the logo discussion?
  • Submit all current logo ideas to a vote?
  • Dustin will merge into a single document for printing/online versions
  • Vote will occur at meeting after potlock

Detroit Urban Craft Fair

  • i3 invited again

May have 2 booths

  • First weekend of December, Sat-Sun
  • Contact Nick if you're interested

Paper Tigers NY

  • Doing documentary of hackerspaces; will be by the space some time this weekend.


  • Hose reel nearly done; low pressure hose to be replaced
  • Tall shelving: Finish at potlock
  • Speakers: need wire; Russ can order wire at cost; waiting on heating to be done
  • Power strips in room: Paul needs to mount powerstrip
  • Power strips in e-room: Nearly done
  • Curtains: Need fixtures
  • Safety signage: Ross will talk with zone wardens about sign needs
  • Weatherstrip windows: Swit doesn't like design; will use tape to seal frames/plastic to windows
  • Paper towel holders: Potlock item; Swit volunteers to make it happen
  • Outlets: Paul will take care of them when possible

alendar Review

Hackerspace callin: ext. 3232 will connect you to call in