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I3 bi*weekly General Members Meeting

Where: i3Detroit (commons area) When: Dec 6th, 2010 7:30pm

Voting issues:

  No issues have been called for a vote



  * What direction are we taking and when do we expect for it to be installed?

** We can't install the heaters would be colluding to break the law ** Starting installation tomorrow (Dec 8th 2010) * End: TBD ** Need help with electrical breakers talk to Eric if interested

  * Who is taking care of winterizing the space? This is a priority one task
      ** Vents need to be sealed 
      ** Windows need plastic covering.

Working groups report:

  * 501c3
     ** Ed has posted a Google Doc list of questions to ask the CPA or other professionals about 501c3 related 
     ** Milestones figured out
     ** New bylaws are beginning to be drafted
     ** Hopefully record the Q&A session with the CPA
  * PR
     ** went over 13 project * working on getting our notes out to the group
     ** PR Work list
     *** Media List
     *** Editorial Calendar
     *** Posting Guidelines & Timeline
     *** SEO
     *** Ambassador Program
     *** Evergreen Marketing Materials
     *** Evergreen Swag
     *** Logo Strategy
     *** Hackersafe House
     *** Guest Posting & Commenting Strategy
     *** Social Strategy
     *** Building Interactive Floorplan
     *** Tour Video
     *** Major Event Strategy
  * Web
     ** nothing to report 

PPT Inventory party:

* We have a meeting setup with Jim Krandal to help with our personal property tax * We really need elp with getting everything inventoried * don't worry about member storage * The meeting will occur on Sunday


  * What was awesome ?

**6000 attendees, i3 got exposure to ~1k people **props to Matt for his EL wire setup

  * What can be improved upon ?

**cheaper make and take

       **check out the layout beforehand

**more signage, signs at eye level


  *  deadline nearing. December 21st (the 3rd Tuesday meeting)

Shop Mess:

 * Trash run
 * Large projects
 * Stuff not put away
 * Please note the space near the door is a loading and unloading zone only


 * building a cozy hangout area/ potential classroom/media*gaming room off backside of loft
 * walls to be made of suspended patchwork curtains
 * possible transparent desk built off top backside of loft
 * request for materials
 * need to work out how to keep it safe 
 * possible conflicts with computer storage and podcast trailer
 * Eric talk to fire marshal about this 

Tri-hackerspace holiday party:

 * SE hackerspace holiday party, OCD is kinda on board. Jan 1st or Dec 26th
 * proposed dates
 * Who would be involved/invited
 * who's hosting
 * snowball launcher contest

FIRST update:

  * Orientation this Saturday ( Dec 11, 2010) * Intro the First team to the space and to volunteering members

New i3 Business:

* Wood working show Dec 17th * Free booth but we need to man the booth all day all weekend

       * we have 3 tickets

* We have a Working Maker Bot, Class being scheduled