Meeting Minutes 20120515

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i3 Detroit – May 15, 2012 – Regular Meeting

Start, 7:30pm, held in the commons


Chris Allington

Joe Bender

Nate Bezanson

Hans Chen

Ian Dobbs

Ted Hansen

Steve Hermann

Matt Huber

Paul Kerchen

Eric Merrill

Chris Mounts

Dave Scholl

Roger Slykhouse

Rocco Marras

Matt Oehrlien

Nate Warnick

Dustin White


AHA Laser

Eric M. – A laser cutter has been provided to us by All Hands Active (AHA), it’s not working yet, but is planned to be soon.

Maker Faire Update

Dustin White – Met Shauna and Chris on Friday. Call for makers ends on June 1, 2012.

IRS Update

Hans C. – will update our listing in 4 to 6 weeks. A copy of our determination letter is due in approximately 60 days. Will discuss tax refund issues with Kristine.

New Business

i3 West/Classroom Space

Eric M. - Sarah drew out some layouts. Either of them fit about 18-24 people. Wants to post a proposal for next meeting, tour that night, and do a vote.

Adjourn, 7:39pm