Meeting Minutes 20120619

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i3 Detroit, Regular Meeting, June 19, 2012

Start 7:30pm, held in the Commons


Jon Anderson

Nathan Bezanson

Hans Chen

Karen Corbeill

Chris Goralsky

Ted Hansen

Matt Huber

Rocco Marras

Eric Merrill

Chris Mouts

Ed Platt

Matt Oerhlein

Steve f00f

Nathan Warnick

Dustin White


Red Bull/Bullduino

Eric Merrill – Red Bull Creation 2012, ultimate competition will be at the hackerspace. Top 6 teams will be at Maker Faire New York. Bullduinos have sent to 100 people. Entry is to make something with the Bullduino. Will occur July 19 -22.

Maker Faire After Party

Dustin White – Landlord has the parking lot. El Gaupo, Treat Dreams will be there to provide deserts.

Little Laser

Nate B – We are tentatively replacing the control board. It’s probably easier to ditch the proprietary controller, and put a makerbot.

Big Laser

Dustin White – According to Matt Arnold's email, we have pledges of $4,000 of the total $6,000 needed.

Big Printer Intro & Update

Nate B. – Rocco and Him . It’s an inkjet, large format 54”. Works just like a giant vinyl cutter.

Henry Ford Educational Update/Help

Dustin White – They are hosting an innovation them workshop, they want to give kids a tour to i3 Detroit and talk to the students, this Thursday the 28th.

New Members/Guests

New Business

MakerFaire Kansas City Karen Corbeill - Sean is representing i3 Detroit at MakerFaire, racing powerwheels in race.

Apps for Detroit Jon Anderson, Going to put together a team for building something for Metro Detroit. First kickoff meeting July 18, 2012. talking about civic apps.

Adjourn 7:55pm