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i3Detroit Regular Member Meeting September 18, 2012

Chair: Ted Hansen (not Dustin)

Start 7:30pm


i3 visits i3 Ted H- we were contacted by a group an industry group for credit unions. Some annual meeting in Detroit 50+ something executives from around the country. They are coming to visit us at about 5pm to take a lock picking class.

Nate B- teacher is going to be Chris (?) out of Ann Arbor- confirmed

Ted H.- October 11th, we could use help, this is not a public event.

Ryan B.- Do we need to rent chairs?

Ted H.- If anyone has some to donate that would be great.

Steve H. - Tours?

Ted H.- Tours at about 5, and hanging out until 9!

Karen C. – Cleanup

Swit- I cannot move the tri3 without a trailer and a hitch. I will need to dismantle it.

Ted H.- do you think you can figure out when and if it's going by the weekend?

Swit- I will start dismantling tonight!

Steve H. – Do we have enough lock pick kits

Ted H. – yes


Ted H- this was discussed in the board meeting that the forklift id unproductive because it is broken. The forklift has to make progress. If not the board will make moves to sell it and get it out of the space. (who is taking care of this??) Contact Glen if you want to help.

Powerwheels World Maker Faire Recap

Karen- General recap of power wheels at world maker faire ( i3 Power wheels is a world champion!!)

Electronics Room Coordinator

Nate B- I am probably going out of town for work for two months. I talked to roger about it already, but if anyone else wants to help out that would be great. Roger will be leading arduino stuff moving forward

Invading Dlectricity

Nate B- An art fair happening in Detroit. The theme is lights. We make a lot of things that light up and I think this would be a cool thing for i3 to check out Friday and Saturday this week. One thing in particular --Omnicore is having a put bright lights on their if anyone wants to put lights on their bike for Saturday, let me know!

TEDxDetroit Lab

Ted H.- They do ted talks, they are looking to do exhibits. I was thinking about signing up for robot knife fight.

Maddy W. - How many members would be interested// I can't take this on like I thought because it is on a Friday during the day and I cannot take off work.

Information will be posted to the list... possible general PR table to be available for i3. Review of upcoming calendar events

Matt Huber – there is an arduino and movie night on the same night as the i3 i3 meetup.

Ted- anyone opposed to pushing back both of those?

No one opposed

Nate B- Labitat visit, the [hackers] from Denmark?

Matt O.- I have not heard anything.

Nate B. - This Thursday Friday and maybe Saturday

Ted B. - Open shop Friday? Anyone willing to be around?

New Business//updates

Matt A – Laser cutter update. The laser cutter has been finished and it is on a boat. Scheduled to arrive in Chicago on (date?)

Ted- do we need to have a forklift here to unload it?

Matt A- We need to make arrangements for a forklift with B. Nektar or someone else.

Steve Herman – There was $135 in the shop, we now have the capabilities to fix the end mills that were broken.

Ted – does this mean we can buy the penn mills out of the big bin? Are people putting enough money in the box?

Steve H – Yes!

Ted- Donations can be put in the box!

Adjourn approx 8:00pm