Meeting Minutes 20140107

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Chair Justin Triplett

Action Item Review

  • Justin T. - Check insurance regarding minors at i3 for First Robotics team - also check team's insurance, CC Ted and ask board list
  • Nate B. - Ask team sponsor to come to i3 to see if the space will have
  • Jamie B. - Make lost and found box
  • Nate B. - Work with Jody to fix welding things


This is My Topic Title

Point of Contact: Konrad Brown

  • To streamline the meetings, I would like to request members to post topics directly to the minutes page
    • For each meeting I will create a wiki page for the minutes a couple days before the meeting and email a link to the list requesting topics
    • Use this topic section as an example to start your own topic on the wiki page
      1. After navigating to the meeting minutes wiki page, select the "Edit" tab at the very top right of the web page, found between "Read" and "View History."
      2. Copy this section starting from the subsection heading (marked by the double equals "==") to the last bullet point of this section.
      3. Paste the copied text after the Introductions section and before the Zone Updates section
      4. Fill in your wiki username and real name to make a link to your user page (e.g. Konrad B.), which will also give us a point of contact for the topic
      5. Type in your description.
        • Make sure not to put any white space at the beginning of the line or it will not be interpreted as wiki text
        • Use asterisks "*" make a bullet point, and pound symbols "#" make a numbered sequence
      6. Use the "Show Preview" button at the bottom of the page to debug any formatting errors, scroll down to the edit text box at the bottom of the page to make further changes
      7. Make sure to press "Save Page" at the bottom when you are done.

January Metrics Update

Point of Contact: Matt O

Hazel Park Swap & Shop

Point of Contact: Matt Huber

  • HPARC Swap & Shop is Sunday, Jan 12 8am-12pm
    • We have a vendor table reserved and paid for
    • Looking for volunteers to help staff the table
    • I think we're right next to power, so we can run printrbot and other devices
  • Even if you're not into ham radio, ham swaps are full of interesting bits and pieces

Official Floor Plan and Marking Zones

  • Terry W
  • Do we have an official one in the wiki?- yes- If yes, where? -Zones page- If not, when?
  • Should we use the Floor Plan to tape Zone boundaries on the floor so that items meant to be left in the common area are not left in a zone by mistake and that members can easily see when items need a parking ticket because they are left in a zone which doesn't own the item?

Graveyard Warden

  • Terry W - I would like to become the Graveyard Warden.

Large Project Area

  • Terry W - Our system of project storage, permits et al, uses the concept of a Large Project Area. But it is fuzzy if/where this is. Should we define and mark it?

Private Data Storage Owned by Group

  • Terry W - I believe it is time to make a single bucket of private data storage that is owned by the group, not an individual, to archive group documents like leases and tax returns and such. Individuals shared docs leave when the individual leaves and with multiple "shared doc" archives no one is certain what is contained in the sum of them.

Show and Tell

  • Greg Smith
  • Vase Terry W
  • Bring in or talk about things you have made.

Zone updates

Bike Zone

CNC Zone

Compute Zone

Craft Room

E Lab

Fab Lab

Kiln Zone

  • Glass Kiln and Ceramic Kiln operational
  • Cash Box operational with Cost sheet.
  • Ceramics class soon.

Laser Zone

Metal Shop

Tool Crib

Tree House

Welding Zone

updated the wiki page with better shutdown procedures, and maintenance logs. Please read if you use the zone!

Wood Shop

  • Greg Smith
  • Router Status
  • Put things back and help keep the shop clean
  • Contributions for Open stock material and tool damage

Snack Zone

  • New Cola racks
  • Everything Operational
  • Post its for requests - 2 requests outstanding

Upcoming Events/Calendar Review

  • Big Laser Class 1/16
  • Laser Marquetry class 1/28 using 40 Watt Laser

Action Items

  • Can we have a financial and a membership report by the 3rd Tue meeting?? (Greg S item)


  • Justin Triplett