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* then put newbies on the spot
* then put newbies on the spot
==February Online Metrics==
* [[User:Matt|Matt O]] to present online metrics update.
==New Business==
==New Business==

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Chair Justin Triplett

Action Item Review

  • Justin T. - Make a financial and a membership report by the 3rd Tue meeting


  • existing member intro
  • then put newbies on the spot

February Online Metrics

  • Matt O to present online metrics update.

New Business

Budget Drone Report

Terry W

  • Budget Process in Place. Instructions available.
  • All questions go to budget@i3detroit.com

Plot Cleanup Report

Terry W

  • Storage Structure #1 Side B so far.
  • Look for signage in near future.
  • Clean out your stuff if in unassigned plots.

Large Project Area

Terry W

  • Interim projects needing a Board-approved Parking Permit should be stored in the Large Project Area (as different from Warden Approved Parking Permits, which allow parking in the Warden's Zone). We call for one in the Standing Rules, but we don't have a clearly marked area. This results in projects left in zones, aisles and common areas.
  • Can we decide on a location and mark the LPA on the floor with tape?
  • This will allow us to see if we have a large enough allocation of space for LPA.

CRM Clean-Up Update?

Nate B We've made good progress with the few folks who've reached out. Fixing key problems, finding orphaned payments, etc. But only about 5% of members have gotten in touch. So everything else is fine, right? We'll find out when we turn on OAC and only dues-current keys keep working...

Zone updates

Bike Zone

CNC Zone

Compute Zone

Craft Room

E Lab

Exception to workbench policy: The benches must be completely clear when you leave *except for the microscope*. Did everyone see the awesome new microscope? It's awesome. Andrew is awesome too. So is his dad. The microscope is on loan, please be gentle, and ask if something seems weird.

Fab Lab

Kiln Zone

  • Both Kiln 100% UP time in January.
  • We now have clay and glazes in Kiln Stores. Use and place money in cash box.
  • Next two months will include reorganization and building new storage capacity.
  • Tentative plans to add Display Case.
  • We will also have a 220V outlet at gate entrance, sharable with Vacuuform.
  • No Classes planned for Feb.
  • Need ceramics guinea pigs.

Laser Zone

Metal Shop

Snack Zone

  • All requests have been fulfilled.
  • We have a new filtered water pitcher in the white refridgerator door.
  • We have a new area for microwavable soups and meals. Top shelf, wall cabinets above an to left of Keurig Coffee machine.

Tool Crib

Tree House

Welding Zone

Wood Shop

  • many projects left on work tables as glue dries, most glues only need 45 min clamp time "read the Labels"
  • Do not leave projects on the work tables!
  • Tightbond is the best glue for most wood projects
  • Put small glue-ups and things on shelf unit on west wall
  • Note signage for woodshop tools and fixtures

Action Items


  • Justin Triplett