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Chair Justin Triplett

Action Item Review

  • Justin T. - Make a financial and a membership report on 3rd Tuesday Meeting
  • Terry W, Jody R. - Kiln and Welding Zone Wardens figure out feasibility of large project area

- Proposal for Large Project Area. Terry W

Talked to all Wardens along East Wall and John Sugg (Vaccuuform) by email. Proposal is for Large Project Area to be an area from the West edge of the Welding, Plasma, Kiln, Forklift, and Injection zones to a line either 16', 17' or 18' from the East Wall. We have marked the 18' line for inspection at the meeting and decision (between 16',17', or 18')

The effected wardens would require only Projects be in that area (not furniture or other Group materiel), and Projects be able to be moved (either by having wheels or being on a pallet) so that zone access is not permanently blocked.

In addition, the East Wall Wardens will be making a proposal to the Board separately to shuffle the plasma cutter into the CNC Zone and slide all zones down. I also will be giving the board a proposal for expanding the width of the Kiln Zone from 5' to 8' to accommodate Ceramics use, which would be part of, or after, the shuffle.


Show and Tell

New Business

  • i3 Data Vault - Terry W. BTSync is new private storage for i3documents to be accessable to the members, but not to the general publid. In the ADMIN folder I have put folders for budget matters and records. In addition there is a folder for the Lease(s) and the Insurance Policy(s) for archival storage and reading. Our current insurance policy is in the i3DataVault. Our current Lease, and any utilities agreements with BNektar are not yet in the i3 DataVault. As we proceed other documents, like our Tax, State, and 501c3 filings should be in the i3DataVault.

  • Dues - Terry W. As my RL time is now starting to free up, Evan has tasked me with Dues and Deposits. In the very near future I will be talking/emailing people who I have questions about dues, so that I can straighten out the books and the CRM. This will probably take 45 days to get it completely scrubbed. If you are going on a long vacation and need to change a month's status to LEAVE, please contact me by email at the email in the month prior to going on LEAVE.

As a rough estimate of our active members, we had 119 people pay dues in the period from Jan 1 - Jan 31. Some of that may be early Feb payment or late Dec payment, so that isn't exactly how many people are active members, but it is close. By April we should have an exact report of active members.

  • Aug 31, 2013 – Jan 31, 2014 Budget Report Summary - Terry W – Budget Drone

Jan.31.2014 Report Spreadsheet (pdf) and a copy of this summary are in i3 Data Vault, Admin/Budget folder.

As of Jan 31, we are running -$1,610. i.e. we have spent $1610 more than we took in during the period. That is not great, but acceptable.

Per our budget, we should be -$9,609 at that point in time. The spending tightening measures are still working.

In the January and February reports, there are some artifacts caused by the transition in the office of Treasurer. There are expenses that should be transacted in Jan and Feb that won't hit the books until later. There are incomes that should be transacted in Jan and Feb that won't hit the books until later. By March 31 those transitional artifacts should all be accounted for. So view the Jan and Feb totals as somewhat skew from our real progress.

Our 2014-2015 Budget Process will begin May1. Instructions will be sent out at that time. 2014-2015 Budget year will remain Aug 1 – July 31 for ease of continuity of Treasurer/Drone. If we extend the 2014-2015 budget to Dec 31, 2015, then whoever is elected Treasurer/Drone in Sept 2015 will have to start the new budget process immediately upon assuming office on top of all transitional efforts as it will take about 90 days to create an approved new budget. Doing it with brand new officers/directors seems onerous and prone to error. If the Board wishes to overrule my decision for 2014-2015, please do so before April 20, 2014.

Reimbursements will take about 3 calendar weeks after clean submittal by Warden/Member. If that time frame is not workable for a purchase, pre-purchase requests can be made. Forms are in the Budget Instructions Rev 1.2 package.

Budget Reports and all archived budget-related material are in i3 Data Vault, Admin/Budget folder.

Summary from Report

- Acceptable balance spending vs revenue actual. - We should continue tightening through March 31, at least. - Expenses didn't shrink against budget, all tightening/savings came from Equipment Purchases. - Wardens planned well. - General and Special Events went significantly over budget. Need to correct in next year's budget. - Income was abnormally low due to lack of Amazon Deposit in Jan. - Rent was not paid in Jan. - Utilities sharing not reflected in Jan transactions. - Reimbursements accumulated in Jan and Feb from multiple prior months.


  • D'lectricity Project - Terry W. Several members of i3, headed by Matt O. are considering a giant tentacle robot project for submission to D'Lectricity in their entry process. They will be awarding $3500 for 25 projects for the September, 2104 event. A meeting for interested parties will be held on Thursday, Mar 6 at 8:00 PM. The team especially needs an artist for illustrations in the application submission, due by March 31.
  • Plots and Storage - Terry W. There are 10 AVAILABLE plots in Storage Structure #1. More will open as I go through the cleaning process with other structures. See the wiki for which locations are available.

Zone updates

Bike Zone

CNC Zone

Compute Zone

Craft Room

E Lab

Fab Lab

Kiln Zone

Terry W - Both Kilns had 100% UP time in Feb. We are in the middle of cleaning/reorganizing the area to accomodate better sheet glass handling. I have built a shelf for sheetglass. Although the shelf is wood based, it sets on two steel fencing rails that run from side to side and are permanently connected to the fence top rails on each side. There are plans to upgrade this shelf in the future. On the shelf, we have added a vertical glass storage system, for much safer handling/browsing of sheet glass.

Future plans (pending board submission and approval) are for an expansion of the Kiln Zone from 5' wide to 8' to accomodate more storage for cermaics materials and more floor space in general. Also it would provide a permanent storage location for the Vacuuform.

Laser Zone

Metal Shop

Snack Zone

Everything is 100% operation for all of February. We have added a filtered, refrigerated water pitcher. Microwave entrees are in the cabinets over the Koenig. Please put your money for candy in the candy machine, not the pop cup, if possible. It messes up my inventory control a bit. We have full inventories on all products. All requests have been fulfilled. Please add new requests via post-it or email.

Tool Crib

Tree House

Welding Zone

Wood Shop

Vinyl Zone

Action Items

  • Stratasys needs some love. Talk to Nathan W. or Brian W.
  • Email on list about updates, basically new vinyl has arrived.


  • Justin Triplett