Meeting Minutes 20140318

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Chair Justin Triplett


Action Item Review

Show and Tell

New Business

Grant Opportunity: Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

Harassment Policy Review

Open Design Competition Update

  • Terry W
  • Next year in Sept at Detroit Design Festival - Brad Jensen
  • For reference Meeting Minutes Nov 5, 2013: [1]
  • What we committed to in Nov, 2013:
    • Judging application in May 2012.
    • For one or more application judged worthy to be an "i3 fellow" by us we will:
      • Provide a 120 day free "Membership" to the applicant June-Sept
      • Provide a member "Mentor" for the fellow. This Mentor would facilitate the Fellow to use the i3 equipment. The Mentor would not work upon the design. i3 is not required to provide any funding or materials. That would be up to the Fellow and Brad's organization.
      • Provide a promotional "presence" at ODC/DDF (mostly marketing et al).

Zone updates

Bike Zone

CNC Zone

Compute Zone

Craft Room

E Lab

Fab Lab

Kiln Zone

  • Terry W
  • Kiln Zone E-X-P-A-N-D-E-D for additional materials/tools for ceramics.
  • Glass casting class Mar 19.
  • KilnZone UP 100% in Feb.
  • New Display Case planned.

Laser Zone

Metal Shop

Tool Crib

Tree House

Welding Zone

Wood Shop

Action Items


  • Justin Triplett