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Chair Justin Triplett


Action Item Review

  • None to review

Show and Tell

  • Jamie wants to show off her lamp more because why not

New Business

April 30 Budget Report

Point of Contact: Terry W

Bank Balances 7/31/13 3/31/14 4/30/14
Emergency Fund $5,009 $5,010 $5,011
General Fund $10,441 $17,333 $14,961
Laser Fund $1,958
Vinyl Fund $0

Exec Summary: All accounting is current. Financial Fitness Grade : B

Our April dues didn't grow as much as they should have with 7 new members. May dues should give more data. Our monthly overhead expenses run about $3600 (after BNektar payment).

The first Utilities/BNektar payments ($677) hit in April books.

April 30.2014 Report Spreadsheet (pdf) and a full report are in i3 Data Vault, Admin/Budget folder.

Membership Sign Up

Chair of the Board

Zone updates

Bike Zone

CNC Zone

Compute Zone

Craft Room

E Lab

New (to us) label printer! Blame/thank Evan for the hardware, Matt Gardeski for the labels/printserver. New (and legible!) labels on everything! All credit to Gardeski for that one. The very last microUSB cable vanished from the Elenco PSU. Okay, fuckit, I'm ordering a hundred more.

Fab Lab

Point of Contact: Andrew Meyer

  • Full Spectrum laser engraver operational again
  • Rostock MAX still needs work
    • Thermistor(s) need to be ordered and replaced (thermocouple upgrade?)
    • Full mechanical calibration needed from firmware update
    • Thermal calibrations needed once thermistors are replaced
  • Thermark is in, not available for use until a proper funding method is determined
    • $145 / 250 grams

Kiln Zone

Point of Contact: Terry W

  • Held Glass Fusing/Jewelry class in April, went well
  • Preparing Ceramics Class
  • 100% UP Time for April.
  • Some maintenance for Kiln #1 in summer planned.

Laser Zone

Metal Shop

Tool Crib

Tree House

Vinyl Zone

Welding Zone

Wood Shop

Action Items

Meeting Metrics

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  • Justin Triplett