Meeting Minutes 20140715

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Chair Justin Triplett


  • Note that with Max out of town, member signups are suspended this month, but prospective members are still encouraged to participate and let's do a brief orientation after the meeting anyway

Action Item Review

Show and Tell

New Business

  • RBC wrapup
  • Putting away tools and stuff returned from RBC -- Pair up with a new member and use this as training!
  • Hackaday meetup wrapup, also Nate B could use some help turning gopro timelapse JPGs into a video
  • Windsor Hackforge carpool, anyone? (Every other Thursday, nate B)
  • The Maker Faire is coming, the Maker Faire is coming!

Zone updates

Bike Zone

CNC Zone

Compute Zone

Craft Room

E Lab

  • PLEEEASE email the ZW when you use the last of something!
  • Hackforge folks brought us some VFD tubes as a friendship gesture, gave 'em some Nixies and a pile of capacitors to take back

Fab Lab

Kiln Zone

Laser Zone

Metal Shop

Tool Crib

Tree House

Vinyl Zone

Welding Zone

Wood Shop

Action Items

Broom Party

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Funds appropriated:
  • Attendees:


  • Justin Triplett