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Ongoing Projects

Arduino Controlled Thermostat -- Contact Eric Merrill

Modular Analog Synthisizer -- Contact Nicholas Britsky

Security Cameras -- We'll be watching you! - Contact Nate B

Building an N0GSG radio direction finder -- Nate B

[[[CRM Software] -- To Track Memberships and payments - Contact Ed Platt

Reprap Machines -- Small Rapid Prototyping station - Contact Devin McPherson

Small CNC -- Contact Paul Kerchen or Brian Wennberg

Brain Controlled Robot -- Using an OCZ Neural Impuse Actuator to collect EEG/EMG waves, and uses them to control a small robot. - Contact Dan Swando

Player Piano Rebuild w/ Roll Printer -- Rebuilding an old player piano to working condition. Then hacking an old dot matrix printer to cut out from a continuous roll of paper to play on the piano, as well as various piano add-ons for further automation. - Contact Trevor Cook

Player Piano Project Branch: Hard drive actuated piano -- Actuation of the hammers in the above player piano with the reader arms scavenged from dead hard drives. - Contact Trevor Cook

DIY Musical Instruments -- a Cigar Box Guitars, Wine Crate Bass, and a Beer Growler Organ. See individual entries below. Matt.

Cheeto Launcher

Hubless Motor -- A low-friction propulsion system based on Mag-lev principles

WelcomeSwitch 2.0 -- A forthcoming rewrite or complete reimplementation of the basic idea. Hopefully with StatusNet support.

i3 Girls 2011 Maker Faire Project -- TBD.

Analog Modular Synthesizer - Built into a '70s organ with 3 CVs (the 2 manuals and foot pedals) and 12 modules to start.

Needlecraft Night - follow link to see members' knit, crochet, and sewing projects

Papercraft Party - follow link to see members' scrapbook, origami, and art projects

Completed Projects (2010)

WelcomeSwitch -- Lets members indicate when they're willing to accept guests. Wired and originally programmed by Nate B, rewritten by Ted.

CupcakeCar -- A goofy testbed for electrical and mechanical ideas, an eye-catching way to zip around town, and an engineering disaster, all rolled into one! Dismantled. Mostly Nick, also Nate B and others.

Twinki3 Car -- Nick Britsky

Powerwheels Racer -- An electric ride-on toy meant for 6 year olds, hacked into a racing vehicle for adults that only have the mentality of a 6 year old. Ted.

Twittering Doghouse -- Bob and Dennay

Feedback Slider -- A musical instrument based on feedback. Ed.

ArduinoSkeeball -- a DIY Skeeball machine powered by an arduino microcontroller. Matt.

ArduinoFoamDartShootingRange -- four pop-up targets and machine that detect hits from foam darts (nerf) and is powered by an arduino. Matt.