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Welcome to Member Active Project Storage, aka MAPS. This is space the membership has set aside to help save each other time and hassle. Please use it fairly! The guidelines below are established to codify and clarify how we share this resource.


  • In the red pallet racking, a plot is 16" wide by 24" deep.
  • In the freestanding shelves, a plot is 24" x 24" (one quarter shelf).
  • In the wall shelves, a plot is 24" side by 32" deep (one half shelf).
  • Each member may use up to one plot within MAPS. If you need more, see large project storage.


  • This is active project storage.
  • Keep stuff here so you don't have to take it home at night and bring it back the following day.
  • Use a plot as long as you're working on projects in the space.
  • If you don't touch the stuff in your plot for several weeks at a stretch, please take it home.
  • When that happens, please erase the plot label, too.


  • Unlabeled items are the cause of most dysfunction in the other storage.
  • Label your container. Label the heck out of it. Label both ends.
  • Name, phone number, email address.
  • If you're keeping things in your plot outside the container, every single item must be labeled.
  • Label the plot, too. Name, phone number, email address.


  • Items in MAPS but not labeled are subject to instant graveyarding.
  • Please help your fellow members understand this and label their stuff.
  • If you really can't identify the owner of an unlabeled item, treat it as abandoned.
  • Please act in good faith. Enforce consistently. Be excellent.


  • The intent of MAPS is that members working on projects shouldn't have to take home the parts every night and bring them back the next day.
  • Members set aside this substantial chunk of the space to provide this resource, and it only upholds that vision if it's used well.
  • We do not have enough active project storage plots for every member to occupy one continuously.
  • Therefore, use active project storage only as active project storage.
  • Treating active project storage as your personal Shurgard prevents other members from doing actual projects.
  • Your fellow members sincerely appreciate your trouble in taking home the stuff you haven't touched in over a month.


  • Instant graveyarding by any member contradicts Standings Rule 4.8 and the Graveyard Definition Page (although the Gravetard page is so marked up I don't know what that page says). How does this get resolved?
  • This changes the existing definition/role of "Plots". Plots aren't temporary in existing usage.