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Ground Rules

Mentors should be adept with:

  • Google Groups, digest mode, web interface, archives
  • Google Calendar
  • Various webmail services (gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail)
  • Wiki editing

General mentorship principles:

  • This is a social call, which happens even if nothing's wrong.
  • If there are issues to fix, do that, but mostly, get to know each other and help the new member get to know the group.
  • As a mentor, you aren't expected to know everything, but to know where to look or who to ask.
  • Encourage the new member to do that: Learn who to ask and how to self-guide.


During the first appointment:

  • Make sure the new member is getting group emails, or keeping up using the web interface.
  • Find out if the member has a project in progress, and help them find resources or collaborators.
  • Talk about a project you're working on.
  • Find out if any questions on the worksheet stumped them, point towards solutions.
  • Find out if they've brought any friends by the space, offer to roleplay the guest-and-waiver-and-sign-in process.
  • Ask if they have any questions about why the standing rules are written the way they are
  • Run through the last-one-out checklist together, letting the new member do the steps, you just following.

During the second appointment:

  • Discuss a potential improvement and encourage the new member to begin implementing it.
  • Wiki member page?