Sewing Machine - Necchi "Royal Series"

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Sewing Machine - Necchi "Royal Series"
Name Necchi 3205FA Sewing Machine
Zone Craft Room
Owner Becky Timmins
Make Model Necchi 3205FA
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location Craft Room, W. Wall
Authorization Required No
Status Departed
Documentation No documentation link at present.
Other References Surprisingly, a brief instruction manual for the Necchi is available in the Craft Room. Look in the small set of books in the SE corner, on top of the workbench.




Maintenance Info

There are sewing machine needles in the sewing kits referenced in the Craft Room inventory; however, I'm uncertain precisely which of these fit the Necchi. Nor am I certain how they would be inserted into the machine even if they are the correct needles.



Becky has reclaimed her machine, though not the manual, as of March 2015.