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= Wireless Network =
= Wireless Network =

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Wireless Network

The SSID is i3 , there is no encryption, this is considered a feature (for the moment).

You may occasionally see an SSID of 3302 or 1216, these are the FIRST Robot control WLANs. They are completely isolated networks and are probably not very interesting to you.

LAN Addresses

Internally, we are using the supernet. It should sidestep most VPN overlap problems, should we establish any connections to other locations. At present, we are only using one subnet of this:


Static Hosts

If you have something that needs to be attached to the network at i3Detroit, a static IP address can be assigned to it. This is useful in cases where something like a printer or a tool needs to be on the network with a known address that doesn't change.

Most member and guest laptops, however, do not need one of these.

If you have something that needs a fixed address but can't be configured for one (for some reason), something known as a DHCP reservation can be applied. Please contact Joe B or Nate W to help you out with this.

Static hosts use the following settings:

IP address Take an unused address from the table below. Document which address you used. When in doubt, ping first.
Subnet mask
Default Gateway
DNS Server
DNS domain name i3detroit.local
Time / NTP server or (The LAN switch is also an NTP server)

IP Addresses in use

Address Host Description Admin(s) pfsense The firewall and dhcp server. Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken Joe, Brad, Nate2, Ted and others. i3-twitter-cam The dlink camera over the front door. Used for the twitterbot. Nate1, Nate2 wifi-AP linksys running ddwrt above door. Nate2 Wireless-AP DD-WRT access point. Nicht für gefingerpöken Nate, Nate2, JoeB Cisco 3750 LAN switch This is the Ethernet switch that drives i3! Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken JoeB Cisco 1130 AP i3DetroitAP01 This is primary access point for i3Detroit. Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken JoeB Cisco 1130 i3DetroitAP02 This is the office space access point for i3Detroit. Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken JoeB Asterisk We make phone calls with this. Nicht für gefingerpöken Nate2. Wireless LAN Controller We do nifty wireless things with this. Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken JoeB Wireless LAN Controller IP #2 (required) We do nifty wireless things with this. Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken JoeB Camera Server Big brother is watching you. Nicht für gefingerpöken JoeB Cisco 1130 i3DetroitAP03 This is the back-of-shop access point for i3Detroit. Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken JoeB i3Debian "The Debian Box" General-purpose sandbox. Not to be considered reliable or mission-critical Ted, Nate2, Eric, ToasterDan, Ross Mobile Podcast Recorder This is the mini computer mounted on the mobile podcast studio used for streaming and recording podcasts and shoutcast shows Bill Plotter The HP DesignJet 300 Roger, Rocco? Laserjet-5si Laserjet 5si MX printer in the "print shop" area Rocco First-Cam The Axis 206 network camera over the FIRST corner. Ted, Joe Polycom-ATA Cisco ATA-186 VOIP adapter for the Polycom conference phone. Nicht für gefingerpöken Joe, Nate2 printer Laserjet 6p in the rack. Nate1 DHCP RANGE This is the DHCP range handed out by the firewall. Reservations possible Xbox Xbox in the rack. Nate2, Brad


The default DNS domain handed out for DHCP clients is i3detroit.local. If you have statically assigned a IP to something, and you want its hostname to be in DNS as your_hostname.i3detroit.local, we can add it to the local server. Post a request on the mailing list to have that taken care of.


Q: Can we open a port in the firewall for my XYZ server?

A: Probably not. The upstream bandwidth at the space is rather poor. You are welcome to suggest it, but be prepared to meet with significant resistance from your fellow members. Alternately, many of the members have COLO space that they might be willing to share. Make a proposal on the mailing list and turn on the charm.

Q: Let's get some better bandwidth at the space!

A: We now have 15mbit down, 2 up from WideOpenWest. If that's not enough pipe for you, we don't know what to say.

Q: whérε dö ì ƒìñd ┼Hε wâΓεz åñd ┼HΣ p┌Ωn?

A: Kid, you are up past your bedtime.