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The SSID is i3 there is no encryption, this is considered a feature.

You may occasionally see an SSID of 3302 or 1216, these are the FIRST Robot control WLANs. They are completely isolated networks and are probably not very interesting to you.

LAN Addresses

Internally, we are using the 10.13.xx.xx subnet.

Address Host Description Admin(s) pfsense The firewall and dhcp server. Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken Joe, Brad, Nate2, Ted and others. i3-twitter-cam The dlink camera over the front door. Used for the twitterbot. Nate1, Nate2 Asterisk We make phone calls with this. Nicht für gefingerpöken Nate2. Camera Server Big brother is watching you. Nicht für gefingerpöken Joe. i3Debian "The Debian Box" General-purpose sandbox. Not to be considered reliable or mission-critical Ted, Nate2, Eric, ToasterDan, Ross First-Cam The Axis 206 network camera over the FIRST corner. Ted, Joe