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=SIG Newbie=
There is a Special Interest Group for Newbies (<12 months) at [[SIG Newbie]].  Go sign up now and ask questions of your peers.

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SIG Newbie

There is a Special Interest Group for Newbies (<12 months) at SIG Newbie. Go sign up now and ask questions of your peers.


New Member Questions

Q: How do I get my newbie questions answered? A: Upon entry there is a New Member Oriantation Form printed at the bottom of the page which a Veteran Member will walk you through to answer basic questions. There are also scheduled New Member orientations on the i3 Calendar. Typically they are after the regular member meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. Most all general questions can be answered at one of those Orientations. Please gather a list of all of your questions and bring them in then. We will be happy to answer all of them in one-fell-swoop :)

Q: What is the Google Group i3 internal page used for? A: The internal i3 Google Group page is used for BROADCASTs to all members. It is for immediate communication with ALL members. It is not a forum for the accumulation of institutional memory or batch style communications to a subgroup or general discussions over time.

Q: How are Supplies (like garbage bags) purchased/handled? A: Supplies are bought by members and donated. That means you. ShoppingList is here.

Q: What are Consumables and how are they purchased/handled? A: Consumables are non-component articles that are used with a piece of equipment that are used up and must be replaced periodically. Such as saw blades, and argon for the welders. As you use the equipment there is a "Consumable Box" for contributions in each appropriate Zone. Please donate as you use the Zone's Consumables. New Zone Consumables will be purchased by the Zone Warden with Box Funds.

Q: What are Components and how are they purchased/handled? A: Components are materials that will be incorporated into your project, such as resistors, screws, tape, paint, wood, and metal. Small components which are bought in bulk (tape, screws, etc) are bought by the member for a particular project. Excess components (the rest of the tape, the rest of the box of screws, etc.) can be volutarily contributed to the group by storing them in the appropriate zone small components area. If you use signinficant small components, please be considerate and contribute some back, either replinish with like, or other stock.

For lumber, there is an upright storage area. In it, the leftmost slot is set aside for members' personal wood (it should be labeled up top), and all items in there should have someone's name written on them and a date. So, don't use the stuff in that slot, but if there's something in there that would save you a trip to the store, feel free to ask the person named on it, and as often as not, you'll find that they abandoned their project idea and are happy to let you use the material.

The Electronics Zone has an Electronics Store, at which you can puchase Electronic Components. Details in Electronics Room. Zone Wardens handle stocking Zone Stores.

Q: If I want to donate tools, how do I do it? A: Look at the Wish List for the appropriate Zone, like WoodShop. Find if your tool is on the wishlist. If yes, contact the Zone Warden. If it is a large or unusual piece which might not have been thought of before, ask the appropriate Zone Warden. If no Zone Warden seems appropriate, such as a Hydraulic Press, ask an Officer or Bard Member. If it is appropriate, please fill out a Donation Request Form.

Q: What should I do with materials or a project before I leave for the day.

Q: What if something is left on the floor or workbench for more than a day?

Q: Which equipment do I need to be trained on before I can use it?

Q: Where is a member directory?

Q: Somebody left their briefcase, what do I do?

Q: How can I pay my dues? A: By Amazon GO Here. http://www.i3detroit.com/membership Or fill out a payment slip and envelope and put in the Black Box by Main Entrance.

Q: How are events publicized? A: See Communication

Q: What is EventBrite for?

Pre-Member Questions

Q: Will you build this gizmo for me? A: No. We'll help you build it, but we're not a job shop. We're not an engineering firm. We're not a contract house. We're a club. You can be part of the club! You can use the group's tools, and toss ideas around with anyone who'll listen. (And maybe you could strike a side deal with an individual member, but that's beyond the scope of this document.)

Q: What are your hours? I stopped in the other day and nobody answered the door. A: We have no paid staff, and thus no regular business hours. Someday that may change, but for now, swing by when the Twitterbot says we're open, or during a scheduled event. Members have 24/7 card access.

Q: So I need to be a member to come in? A: Guests are welcome any time the twitterbot says so. Stop in, flag down a member, sign a waiver, and take a tour. Then get to work on your project!

Q: Can I give you a pile of computer junk? A: Yeah, if it's not hazmat-nasty. Really, we've got all the computer junk we know what to do with, but we can schlep it to a recycler just as easily as you can. Optics junk, laser junk, and lab equipment junk, on the other hand! Now that might be interesting.

Q: Can you bring your Twinkie Car to an event? A: Perhaps. As with everything in the space, it's owned by an individual, specifically Nick Britsky, and you should talk directly to him about it.

Q: What about the Cupcake Car? A: It's gone, man. Just let it go.

New Member Orientation

As part of the new member process, newbies should review this checklist with a current member or two. This is the opportunity for new members to learn the basics of how things operate around the space.

New Member


Old Member


Discuss guest policy, sign-in sheet, where to file completed waivers.
Soda fund, replenishing, returnables. Electronic components store.
Personal ownership of tools, breakage and wear. Post to the list!
Where to find the Bylaws. Review them?
Where to find the Standing Rules. Review them?
Sweeping and mopping, care of mop and bucket, where to dump.
Recycling (guide on wall), trash cans and bag locations.
Last-one-out checklist (HOWTO Close up the space)
Storage and organization, personal storage, label everything.

New orientation fill-in-the-blank style...

Guests must fill in a _________ their first visit, and sign the ________ every time thereafter.

Tools are owned by ____________. For breakage, etc, write to _________________________.

Bylaws are on the _________. Standing rules are on the _________.

Mop should be _________________ when finished.

Recycling goes out ____________ night.

Trash bags are located in _____________.


A Glossary has a list of i3 vocabulary.