New Member Orientation

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SIG Newbie

There is a Special Interest Group for Newbies (<12 months) at SIG Newbies. Go sign up now and ask questions of your peers.


There is a list of special i3 terms at Glossary



New Member Orientation

As part of the new member process, newbies should review this checklist with a current member or two. This is the opportunity for new members to learn the basics of how things operate around the space.

New Member


Old Member


Discuss guest policy, sign-in sheet, where to file completed waivers.
Soda fund, replenishing, returnables. Electronic components store.
Personal ownership of tools, breakage and wear. Post to the list!
Where to find the Bylaws. Review them?
Where to find the Standing Rules. Review them?
Sweeping and mopping, care of mop and bucket, where to dump.
Recycling (guide on wall), trash cans and bag locations.
Last-one-out checklist (HOWTO Close up the space)
Storage and organization, personal storage, label everything.

New orientation fill-in-the-blank style...

Guests must fill in a _________ their first visit, and sign the ________ every time thereafter.

Tools are owned by ____________. For breakage, etc, write to _________________________.

Bylaws are on the _________. Standing rules are on the _________.

Mop should be _________________ when finished.

Recycling goes out ____________ night.

Trash bags are located in _____________.


A Glossary has a list of i3 vocabulary.